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07 November, 2019

The Crucible

The Crucible

Lights! Positions! Action! Rehearsals for the Secondary School Production of The Crucible by Arthur Miller continue apace. The cast is learning their lines and honing their characterisation for the two performances on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th December in the school theatre.  Tickets will go on sale from the week beginning Monday 18th November and will be available from Reception.


Miller’s biting satire was created to throw light on American paranoia of communism during the Cold War, using the Salem witch trial of 1692 as a parallel. Historically, Abigail Williams, Mercy Lewis, Betty Parris and Mary Warren (played by Anna Dudas-Hjelms, Lili Krasznai, Chi Zhang and Sara Romai) were caught dancing in the forest alongside Tituba (Valentina Pinto) which was strictly forbidden in the devout Puritan community. The Reverend Samuel Parris (Misha Abramovich) was outraged to find such goings on among his congregation but resisted the cries of witchcraft from Mr and Mrs Putnam, wealthy landowners (Jingyuan Liu and Maria Fokshek). The investigation to uncover the truth led by Deputy Governor Danforth and Reverend John Hale (Jay Koulaouzos and Szonja Torok) revealed secrets about well-respected John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth (played by Manuel Elikishvili and Shreya Seshan). Figures such as Goodwife Rebecca Nurse (Olivia O’Dowd) called for common sense as the witch trails, administered by Mr Cheever (Alyssa Ling), hurtled to their tragic conclusion.


Students in Year 10 and 11, as well as some current Year 13 students, study this fascinating drama as part of their IGCSE and IB studies.

Don’t miss this show!


Douglas Allan

English Teacher