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23 April, 2020

Year 4 Grape Holiday Challenge

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Year 4 Grape Holiday Challenge

Year 4 Grape were given the challenge of making a pop-up page during their holiday. The book had to be on the topic of Healthy Living which they are studying. The page had to include the following:


  • At least one functioning pop-up on a page
  • Have a title
  • Have three subtitles
  • Have at least one paragraph and at least three sentences for each subtitle


The students were asked to use their best handwriting or to type the text, for their layout to be clear and of a Year 4 standard. On Monday the children voted for which page was the most amazing, and Dana Szucs won. Here is a picture of her work plus a few other examples.


Well done 4 Grape.


Maria Hodges
Year 4 Grape Teacher