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19 June, 2020

The Virtual Enrichment Days

Comic Strip Creation 03
The Virtual Enrichment Days

This year, unfortunately, we were not able to engage in our Enrichment Week activities as planned.

However, all was not lost!

We decided that we had to round off the year with a bang and so, a few weeks ago, staff set about planning and preparing a series of activities that students would be able to enjoy virtually.

And, ultimately, the VED programme proved to be an absolute revelation!

Students participated incredibly enthusiastically in a whole host of activities. These ranged from 2-day long projects such as Modern Shakespeare, TED-Ed talks, Comic Strip Creation and Virtual Camping to the rolling sessions offered by way of The Zero Waste Eco Shop, The International Cooking Crew, Team Holla and Online Board Games. Also, the PE department successfully organised two full Virtual Sports Days (VSD) in which students and their families were invited to participate.

Hopefully, via our social media platforms, you will have seen some of the amazing things that the students have accomplished over the past couple of days. Additionally, in this article, please find plenty more examples of the students’ fantastic achievements. 

The teachers thoroughly enjoyed interacting with all the students involved in the VED programme and we would like to extend our congratulations to everyone who took part!

And, on a personal note, I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff for their efforts and contributions in delivering such a wonderful programme.


Kevin Swaine
Language Teacher & Co-Curricular Coordinator