10 February, 2023

Year 6 trip to the High Voltage Laboratory

Year 6 trip

On Monday the 6th February all the year 6 students went to the High Voltage Laboratory at the Technical University. We all enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. We watched experiments using the transformer, the impulse generator and also some involving liquid nitrogen. There was also a chance for students to go in an insulated box that was part of the impulse generator and get hit by a force that is equal to being hit by lightning, but only in a safe environment (no one was harmed and everyone survived). 

“The trip was unbelievable amazing, I especially enjoyed the electric current, ” said Harry.

“I really enjoyed when I sat in the metal box and when there was lightning over my head,” said Eliska.

The person who organised our visit was Dr Balint Nemeth. He works at the Technical University and is the father of Martin in 6 Lava.

Report by Uliana and Noah