12 October, 2023

Senior Changemakers Updates

Senior Changemakers Updates - Senior Changemakers Updates

Uniform exchange sale: For those who are not familiar with our uniform sales, they are events that our Senior Changemakers team organises every few months at school to sell pre-loved uniforms that families from our school community are not in need of anymore and have donated. Our team has been hard at work reorganising the inventory for all the remaining uniforms from the last sale, in preparation for the next sale before the winter break. More details on the exact date(s) coming soon. 

Rewilding: Our team has also been meeting up and talking with the primary team about coordinating mini changemakers and coming up with design ideas for future gardening projects at school. 

Eco shop: A lot of us have also been working hard on designing and making packaging for our upcycled crayons, making posters, as well as expanding our product portfolio in our environmentally sustainable shop in preparation for the Winter Fair. In this project, our main aim is to turn used items into reusable things to build an eco-friendlier community, ultimately ensuring that they will be available for you to purchase at the Winter Fair and other events. 

Plant bulb donations: Stay tuned for our newest project this school year which will commence in March/April 2024. During that time, we will be accepting any excess plant bulbs you may have that you wish to donate at the reception desk in the Atrium. We will then be using these bulbs in our gardening projects at school in spring. More specific details on this will be revealed at the start of spring next year. 

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