05 October, 2023

Eye dissection

Eye dissection - Eye dissection

This term in Year 6, the students have been learning and light and sight. As part of the unit, students get the chance to dissect an eye, to study the structure in more detail and to locate the main parts of the eye. It’s a great opportunity to look at how tough the cornea is and to discuss the reasons for this. To have evidence supporting the pupil being a hole, as it changes from a black appearance to a clear one, once the front part of the eye has been removed from the back! They also get to look through the lens (when removed intact, which can be tricky) to see that everything is upside down, the way images appear on the retina. 

Most of the students really enjoyed this practical lesson, having the opportunity to see the features first hand. 

Nora (6 Amber)" I liked the opportunity to look inside a real eye and especially looking through the lens."

Vince (6 Amber) "I didn't know before that the pupil was just a hole. I really enjoying cutting the eye."

Doyoon (6 Amber) "I liked looking through the lens at the window and seeing everything upside down. It was the best dissection I've ever done!"

Lesley Allen
Yr 6 Teacher