08 November, 2023

Senior Changemakers Updates

Senior Changemakers Updates - Senior Changemakers Updates

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Firefly task with an invite to join the Senior Changemakers CCA!

Uniform exchange sale: Our team has received their ordered boxes and shelving units for organising inventory more effectively in preparation for the uniform sale before the winter break. They have also been planning the logistics of the sale more rigorously, so dates will be announced soon. 

Rewilding: After careful discussion with the primary team about coordinating Mini Changemakers, materials for planters have been ordered for gardening projects to start soon. 

Eco shop: A lot of us have also been building a box to display our upcycled fish crayons, which is almost done, for the winter fair. As this Eco Shop project is coming to a close with the finalization of the packaging, we are devising new ideas for our next project. More updates on that soon. 

E-mobility: The team is focusing on a big project that aims to give easy access for people who travel via electric vehicles by providing electric charging stations. After a lengthy process of sending out surveys and communicating with financial and school leaders, the E-mobility team has sent out a final survey to inquire about the relevance of their venture. 

Moreover, thanks to our paper recycling project started two years ago, we have successfully incorporated paper recycling bins all over the school. We would like to encourage everyone to use those bins for effective recycling, only throwing away paper and cardboard in them (NOT paper towels for drying hands and other items!), contributing to the sustainability of our school community. 

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