17 November, 2023

Exploring Budapest's History Museum: Year 7 Hungarian Students' Adventure

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On the 16th of November, the Year 7 Hungarian students embarked on an educational journey to the Budapest History Museum nestled in the heart of the Castle District. Their mission? To partake in an engaging treasure hunt, seeking the whereabouts of King Matthias's lost crown. This captivating activity not only added a layer of excitement but also served as a unique method for delving into the history of 15th-century Hungary, a focal point of their current studies.

Here's what our students had to say about their enriching experience:

- Martin: "I appreciated the interactive approach to learning history."

- Eliska: "The treasure hunt was my favorite part."

- Peti: "Roleplaying as the king was so much fun!"

- Mira: "I discovered that they used bones for predicting the future."

- Adél: "Exploring the beautiful old palace was a highlight for me."

This hands-on excursion not only brought history to life but also provided our students with a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical nuances of Hungary's rich past.

Blanka Langó
Hungarian teacher