30 November, 2023

Debate Club

Debate Club - Debate Club

This week, members of the school Debate Club and students who had shown ability and enthusiasm in our recent World Children’s Day debates were invited to take part in a discussion day in Obuda, hosted by the Clean Air Action Group NGO. Our students really got a lot out of the day and were able to see how professionals on many levels engage with environmental issues and influence policy making. We heard from, and put questions to, individual activists, local and international NGOs, and Anna Lara, a European Commission Policymaker. Students had also done research and gave thorough presentations on environmental challenges and solutions in countries in our region.

Organiser Gábor Bendik commented of our students: “Their interest is impressive. I'm sure that the decision makers of the future were sitting in the room, so it is important that they are sensitive to this topic”. The Debate Club is very keen to be involved in other events of this nature in future as they work towards fulfilling the potential that Gábor saw in them.

Ashley Phillipson
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator