13 December, 2023

YES Project

YES Project - YES Project

The YES Project has been an enormous success this year! The project started back in October when the project groups were formed, and students started researching their product ideas. Then the students started the process of market research which was followed by preparing a business plan to pitch for a business loan. Having secured a loan, the product making and advertising phrases began. In the penultimate week, with the sale fast approaching, Year 6 showcased their products and played their TV adverts to the Year 4 and 5 classes. This week, the students have been reflecting on the whole process and making presentations to their peers about the different stages of the project, their successes and any areas of improvement they would make next time. There were 16 groups selling a range of products including Christmas mugs, bookmarks, pompom gnomes, table decorations, pencil cases, a golfing game and squishies to name a few. In total, they managed to raise 333,325 HUF from sales of the products to donate to a local children’s hospital that Year 6 have been supporting for a number of years. Well done to everyone who took part and helped to make this such a success. Here are a few quotes from some of the students involved about their experience.

Lucy from Knitknot: “ I enjoyed seeing the Year 4 and 5 students happily buy our products. We had to stay in a lot of break times and do some extra work at home because our product took a long time to make. It was great and it has been my favourite part of the year so far!”

Noah from DIY Project: “I was anxious when one of our team members wasn’t here to help make the product, but it was very nice seeing the end scene when people were buying our pencil cases and notebooks. It was challenging trying to fit everything into the time, however, it has been my favourite thing this year.”

Klara from Yarn Factory: “ I really liked the YES Project because we were mixed up in a team and I learnt to collaborate with different people. It made me feel older as we were more in charge of things and it was our responsibility to get things right! I’m really sad it’s over.”

Doyoon from 5 Normal People: “It was tricky to persuade people to buy our products and my favourite thing was the actual YES Fair.”

Venki from North Pole Knick Knacks: “It was satisfying that we sold out and I am sad the project has come to an end”

Laura from Santa’s Workers: “ It was really good but sometimes it was scary, like when we met with Mr. Turner as that was really stressful! We didn’t know what to say to him, but it was fun as well! The best bit was product making – I loved that!”

Zain from Super Sellers: “It was fun making products with my group and I was happy that we sold all of our products. The best bit was the making part and the scariest bit was at the sale when in the first few minutes we hadn’t sold anything!”

David from Pocket Pals: “I enjoyed the YES Fair sale and creating the figures that we made.  Getting the group motivated was quite tough at times.”

Haeon from Christmas Charms: “ It was fun to co-operate with our teammates and I am also happy about selling all of our product!”

Lesley McDonald
Year 6 Teacher