07 December, 2023

Senior Changemakers Updates

Senior Changemakers Updates - Senior Changemakers Updates

Eco shop: Last week’s Christmas Fair was a huge success for our club’s Eco Shop team. If you didn’t visit it, we sold multiple upcycled items handmade by us, such as fish and heart crayons, fabric masks, beeswax wraps of different sizes and shapes, and even offered a very fun and popular Christmas-themed memory card game, where customers could win any product from our shop for each match made — all products were sold at affordable prices. We managed to generate a substantially large amount of money in 4 hours, indicating our great popularity and success. We would like to thank everyone who interacted and engaged with us and our stand. 

NEW Soap and detergent project: This week, we have brainstormed ideas for our next project after the success of the Eco Shop. This new project would involve selling non-microplastic, biodegradable liquid soap and detergent. These would be sold from big containers, which would then be dispensed in other empty containers that customers would voluntarily bring when wanting to purchase soap or detergent — containers that they would normally throw away, but would reuse now. We have established a price of 1800ft/litre for both the soap and detergent, but more information on this project is yet to be elaborated on and will be posted on here as soon as everything is settled. Our incentive for this endeavour is to reduce our non-biodegradable footprint as we will urge you to reuse your unused containers that you would normally throw away. Moreover, we promote biodegradable and plastic-free products, which benefit your health in the long-term, and are much more sustainable for our community and planet. If you wish to contribute to our goal of sustainability and eco-friendliness, please do not hesitate to engage with our project when it will be established in the future. 

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