08 December, 2023

Uniform Sale Results

Uniform Sale Results - Uniform Sale Results

Thank you to all the BISB families who donated outgrown uniform and then stuck with our Sustainable Winter Uniform Sale through a postponement, inclement weather and even early darkness to make your children’s uniform more sustainable. It certainly would have been easier to order online in the comfort of your own warm home. We are very glad you didn’t!

Despite everything we served 69 families, turned over 33% of our uniform stock saving 58.2kg from landfills or the equivalent of 98 full primary uniforms on our 1-day only Sale.

We took in 435,000HUF and exchanged the equivalent of an additional 72,000HUF, 13% of the total value of the sale proving once again that your outgrown uniform is still valuable.

In other Uniform news, I am pleased to announce that the Uniform Stewardship Project recently reinvested approximately 900,000HUF of the proceeds from our previous sales into storage infrastructure and inventory management to support our drive toward full uniform sustainability. We hope you will also feel the benefits in our coming sales or stop by one of the days the team is at work and see for yourselves.

As always, many, many thanks to our parent and student team members who carry, sort, hang and fold hundreds of kilograms of our uniform to make this all possible. They will certainly feel the difference with our new support infrastructure.

Have a wonderful winter break and join us in a New Year’s resolution to make your child’s school uniform more sustainable.


Heather Szabo Holeczy

Uniform Stewardship Project