07 December, 2023

Year 12 Hungarian Trip

Year 12 Hungarian Trip - Year 12 Hungarian Trip

On November 30th we visited the Fiumei Road cemetery with the Year 12 Hungarian group in beautiful snowfall. The graveyard is the most important cemetery in Hungary, called the National Graveyard. Many notable public figures of the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century are buried here. The mausoleums of the cemetery are fully protected as monuments, some of which are open to visitors, and we were able to see the mausoleums of Batthyány, Deák and Kossuth, whose interiors are built in sophisticated, artistic styles, some of them the size of a small house. They were usually designed by well-known architects of the time by family members of the deceased.

We had recently finished our study of Endre Ady, so it was only natural to visit his grave. We were also lucky enough to visit the grave of one of Ady's most famous muses, Leda, who is buried not far from Ady.

In the quiet snowfall, we walked with due respect and curiosity in memory of the famous Hungarian.

Anna Piry
Head of Hungarian