16 March, 2023

The CAA Scene

BISB Wolves

Dear parents - in case you missed it, here is an important message about CCAs.

Season 3 - BISB WOLVES CCAs and Term 3 - Regular CCAs

Season 3 - BISB Wolves CCAs for Secondary Students 

Please find attached some important information about the BISB WOLVES CCA programme for secondary students only for Season 3 this year. 

BISB Wolves Season 3 Info Letter

BISB Wolves Season 3 Programme

The Season 2 BISB WOLVES programme for secondary students will come to end on Friday 17th March. 

The Season 3 BISB WOLVES programme for secondary students will begin on Monday 20th March. 

The Season 3 BISB WOLVES programme will operate as follows: 

  • continue up until the last full day of Term 2 (Friday 31st March)
  • restart on the first day of Term 3 (Monday 17th April)
  • finish on Friday 9th June


There have been a few changes to the BISB WOLVES CCA schedule to accommodate the new Season 3 and for this reason we would like you to (re)register your child for any of the BISB WOLVES CCAs in which he/she would like to participate.  

To facilitate this changeover, the SchoolsBuddy registration system will open from 16:00hrs on Friday 17th March and close at 09:00hrs on Monday 20th March. 

Meanwhile, ALL regular/non-BISB WOLVES CCAs for students in both the primary and secondary school will remain unaffected by this Season 3 changeover and they will continue as normal up until Friday 24th March. 


Message for Parents of Students in KS2  

In preparation for the KS2 NAGGE Tournament in May 2023, please beware that there will be some extra invitational CCA sessions of KS2 Basketball and KS2 Football over the coming weeks. 

The BISB Wolves team will communicate with you directly about these sessions if they apply to your child. 


Yours sincerely,


Kevin Swaine 

Co-Curricular Learning Coordinator