23 March, 2023

Nord Anglia Global Games Europe Tournaments

NAGGE Tournament

BISB has successfully hosted two Nord Anglia Global Games Europe Tournaments in the past two weeks welcoming multiple U14 and U19 Football and Basketball teams from Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary.

BISB WOLVES ended up finishing on each level of the podium, winning the U14 Boys' Football Tournament, coming second in the U19 Girls' Basketball Tournament while the U19 Boys' Basketball team was awarded the bronze medal.

As part of the U14 event, we have run the 1st NAGGE Rowing Regatta, which was in a very close competition and with the involvement of some extremely fit coaching staff won by our enthusiastic WOLVES rowers.

In addition to the excellent sporting achievements, the exceptional individual and team performances as well as the high levels of integrity and sportsmanship all participating athletes represented their schools with, the spectators creating a vibrant atmosphere in both events deserve a mention.

These results would have never been achieved without the ongoing support of our community including fellow students, parents and colleagues cheering BISB WOLVES and contributing to a thrilling ambience over the course of a total of five days of games here at BISB. Congratulations to all players and a very big thank you to all coaches for their professionalism and resilience, for nurturing, coaching, educating and taking care of WOLVES athletes day by day.


Gergő Karácsony 
Director of Sport