23 March, 2023

Warhammer Grand Tournament 2023


On Saturday 18th March a tournament like no other took place at BISB. A combative clash of titans, where strategic mastery went hand in hand with artistic flair.

This momentous occasion was the BISB (First and Only?) Warhammer Grand Tournament, in which the game ‘Warhammer 40K’ was played.

What is ‘Warhammer 40K’? It is many things. A table top game of strategy and cunning. A hobby, where one’s creativity can be unleashed and developed by painting incredible models. It is also a science fiction universe set in the far future of the 41st millennium, with humans, aliens and Lovecraftian horror elements.

So, for three whole terms in the Warhammer CCA the students have been learning about this new hobby, developing their painting skills and finding out about the awesome powers their chosen faction could wield on the battlefield. The BISB Warhammer Grand Tournament was their crucible. Their moment of truth. Who would win and be crowned champion?

Four games were played between the contestants. We had two rounds. In the first round, contestants had to come to grips with the format, and how to best use their troops tactically to secure objectives as well as crushing the opposition. This led to some catastrophic mistakes, and one clear leader. 

The second round of battles were much closer affairs. But, despite the best efforts of Floris Henssen’s Death Guard, Milan Randall’s Craftworld Eldar, and Ruben Henssen’s Adeptus Seroritas, it was Ralf Yildirim and his Iron Hands who won the day. A special mention must also go out to Coral Wingard, who started her journey down the ‘eight-fold path’ playing games using the rules of the World Eaters.

A huge congratulations to Ralf. I hope that everyone who attended had a wonderful time. Whilst Warhammer Club might not continue in its current form, I do hope that those that have connected to the hobby will find joy in it for years to come. If you have read this and want to know more, please email me or contact one of the students who attended.

Anthony Constable

Cover Teacher