22 June, 2023

Year 6 Production

The Year 6 Production has been a huge success! The year group did a great job remembering our lines and acting our parts. The singing and dancing was fabulous and we really enjoyed learning all the dance moves! It was truly a wonderful experience for us all!

We had to put a lot of hard work into the show – we had to think about our expression, our movements across the stage, our freeze frames at the start of a scene, reacting to each others lines and remembering to project our voices (which was hard for some of us!)

However, on the night, everyone played their part perfectly and we were so proud to finish Year 6 in this way.

Thank you to the wonderful audience for listening, clapping, and laughing at our jokes. The play wouldn’t have been the same without you! We were really motivated by the positive comments we received and although performing to our parents was really nerve-wracking, it was also an incredibly exciting moment for us. Hopefully you loved the play if you saw it because we certainly did! Definitely the biggest achievement for Year Six.

Quotes from some of the cast:

“I think it’s probably one of the best things this year group has made” Sophie G

“In my opinion, it’s a really exciting experience. First, I thought Robin Hood would be boring, but now I love it!” Laura B

“I think it was really fun learning lines and singing the songs. It was a lot of hard work but in the end it was worth it!” Shreya

“I loved the play. I think it was a really good experience – I love my role and now those jazz hands are mine!”  Hachem

“It’s really funny and has the right amount of inappropriateness!” Hamad

King & Nicole