25 August, 2023

BISB Peripatetic Music Programme

On Monday 28th August 2023, instrumental lessons will begin for the new academic year at BISB. We are excited to offer instrumental lessons to students in Year 1 or above, on a range of instruments including the piano, guitar, drum kit, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, brass, violin and cello.  If you are interested in your child learning an instrument this year, please see the attached information and contact the relevant instrumental teacher using the emails provided.  

Learning to play an instrument can enhance a range of transferable skills, including cognitive abilities such as critical thinking skills, brain development through strengthening connections and improving memory. Playing an instrument also enhances emotional and mental wellbeing, through fostering self-expression and reducing stress and anxiety.

We are looking forward to seeing our instrumental team next week and encourage an early sign-up so as not to miss out. 

Emma Nannery

Teacher of Music

Instrumental Programme Coordinator