01 September, 2023

Sustainable September Uniform Sale


It’s time for our Sustainable September Uniform Sale!

Start the year off green by purchasing your children’s uniforms more sustainably at our Sustainable September Uniform Sale next week on Tuesday and Friday. We will still collect your child’s outgrown uniform up until Thursday afternoon as well if you haven’t had a chance to sort out your closets out yet. 

Drop your bags of uniform off at the Reception Desk during morning drop off or afternoon pick up. Label your bags with your name and email address to receive vouchers to purchase new, sustainable uniform for your family.

Your vouchers will be mailed to you by the 5th or the 8th of September (if you dropped your bags on September 4th or later).

Help make our uniform more sustainable by handing in your outgrown uniform and exchanging it for something sustainable!


Heather Szabo Holéczy

Uniform Stewardship Project