15 September, 2023

School Trip to Kalandpark Tree Top Walking Adventure Park

Last week, two Year 6 classes went on a school trip to Kalandpark tree top walking adventure park. There were a number of different courses designed to allow students to challenge themselves and to practice risk taking in a safe and supervised environment. It was great to see students working together to help each other when approaching difficult sections of the courses, giving advice, sharing techniques they had used and even stabilising some of the footings to support one another. Some students were very busy trying all the tracks and ziplines while others concentrated on mastering new skills and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. Seeing the students encouraging and helping their peers was a great experience to have at the beginning of the school year – skills and attributes we as sure the students will continue to use with each other throughout Year 6.

Next week, the remaining Year 6 classes will also visit the park and enjoy these activities.

Lesley Allen
Yr 6 Teacher