15 September, 2023

Sustainable Uniform Sale


We wrapped up our Sustainable September Uniform Sale last Friday afternoon. Thanks to your efforts as well as those of our dedicated parent volunteers and student changemakers, this was our biggest Sale event to date by almost every measure!

166 parents or students came out to shop our sustainable selection. 5% more than last autumn’s sale.

We sold 135.8kg worth of uniform, 6% more than last autumn’s sale. This was the equivalent of 228 full primary uniforms saved from landfills. We recirculated 56% of the available stock within our community.

89 families participated by handing in outgrown uniform since June of last year. Of those participating families, 40 families cashed in their vouchers over the two days for new uniform. The number of exchangers is up 200% since last autumn proving more and more families are realizing how valuable their old uniform really is!

However, one of our primary goals with this project is to bring into 90-100% of our community uniform into the ‘fold’. This sale represented a little under 25% of our community; only a quarter of uniform out there. So encourage your friends, classmates and community members to join the fun!

This sale earned over 900,000HUF in straight sales, but exchanged an equivalent of 289,000HUF worth of uniform. That was just over 30% of the value of our Sale. Did I mention our outgrown uniform is still valuable?

The proceeds made during our sales are invested back into our project to help it grow. We will also be donating a percentage of our sales revenue in the future to charities or non-profits that are focused on sustainability or combating the adverse effects of climate change. We will soon be unveiling our new storage facilities and equipment as well as which organizations we will be supporting. Stay tuned!

As always, many, many thanks to the parent volunteers as well who are the driving force in setting up the and running the Sales while our student team members are in class.


Looking forward to seeing you at our next Sale!


Heather Szabo Holéczy

Uniform Stewardship Project