15 September, 2023

Year 7 annual Art trip to Margit Sziget

Year 7 Art Trip-Year 7 Art Trip-1

We had a wonderful day at Margit Sziget as part of the Year 7 Art curriculum. Students focused on three activities; drawing leaves that they found using pencil, creating land art sculptures from found objects such as leaves, shells, seeds, and nuts, and lastly using oil pastels to sketch St Michaels Chapel. Garyeong liked the fact that she could enjoy Art outside the school with her friends and the activities were all very fun. Also, she could learn new Art techniques, which she thought was very useful. Sreha loved sitting in nature at the different stations. Because Margaret Island was so big, she could run around at lunch time. Vanshika enjoyed the land art, because she worked as a team to make it and find different materials. Sarah liked visiting the chapel and using oil pastels. The glorious weather and peaceful surroundings created a wonderful learning experience for the students. They also enjoyed spotting the squirrels and other small animals such as birds. Bibi summed the day up best by saying It was really fun, I really enjoyed it. Overall, this was the best BISB trip I have ever had.


Jacqueline Ferguson

Head of Art