16 February, 2024

Juilliard Music Specialist Visit

Juilliard Music Specialist Visit-Juilliard Music Specialist Visit-Juilliard1

On Monday 12th February we welcomed Amy Christman back to BISB as our Juilliard Music Specialist. During Amy’s visit, she worked with a range of classes to learn more about how we implement Juilliard activities to support students learning. Amy worked directly with a group of Year 2 students allowing them to get expressive with both movement and instrumental timbres to create a short composition that represented a journey of water. She observed a Juilliard lesson with Year 8 on the evolution of dance forms in the Baroque period to the Romantic Period and how composers around the World have brought us the many musical styles of today. Amy also observed a Juilliard lesson with Year 3 students learning about how Beethoven created contrast in articulation to define and develop his three main themes in his 5th Symphony and students in Year 6 learning about blues musicians using the expressive qualities of the blues scale to create call and response patterns. Following on from the lesson observations and demonstrations, Amy led a professional development session with the Music department to build on their knowledge and understanding of how Juilliard can support classroom Music making. It was a successful day and we look forward to continuing to work with Amy, virtually during the rest of this academic year.

Sarah James
Director of Performing Arts