08 February, 2024

Year 2 Boat Testing

Year 2 Boat Testing-Year 2 Boat Testing-Transport1

As part of our Year 2 transport topic, 2 Ocean made and tested boats. Our Science unit of learning is materials, so we tested different materials to find out which ones floated and were sturdy. We then worked in small groups to decide which material we would use to make our boats. We designed our boats and planned how we would make them. Some of us tested joining materials such as glue and tape for water resistance. Then we made our boats. Next, we tested them in water, placing 10g weights on them to see which could hold the most weight. We found that the best material to use was tin foil as it didn't let in any water. We also thought that the size of the boat helped it to hold so much weight. 

Michelle Simons
Year 2 Teacher