28 March, 2024




This week we held the 8th annual Boscars Awards ceremony to celebrate our Year 9 film makers. The event represents the culmination of several weeks’ worth of learning to understand and apply film and media language. Students were tasked with creating a short film with a meaningful message about a global issue of their choice. Competition was fierce as all of Year 9 battled it out for the 5 prestigious awards categories! Congratulations to all participants for the high standard of entries this year, and particular congratulations to our 2024 winners!

  • Best Cinematography: BLACKJACK: Luka, Gergo, Dani and Beni 
  • Best Editing: Sense of Acceptance: Annabelle, Anna, Panni and Maja
  • Best Sound: Chat GPT in Schools: Alex, Terry, Lewis and Zile
  • Best Mise-en-scene: Stop Bullying: Evie, Kincso, Panni and Rumi
  • Best Film 2024:  Sense of Acceptance: Annabelle, Anna, Panni and Maja

Congratulations also go to the House Winners – Topaz and Ruby – and we would like to thank our judges, host, and presenters for their support of the event.


The English Department