19 April, 2024

The CCA Scene

The CCA Scene - The CCA Scene

After another whirlwind of co-curricular activity in Term 2, I would like to thank everyone for their involvement in another very successful CCA programme. It was an absolute blast!

As we move from Term 2 to Term 3, I would like to confirm the schedule for Term 3 CCAs

BISB Wolves CCAs started on Monday 15th April and will continue until Wednesday 26th June.

Regular non-BISB Wolves Term 3 CCAs will start on Monday 22nd April and finish on Friday 14th June.

All groups have now been generated for the respective CCAs in primary and secondary school. 

If for some reason you did not manage to register your child(ren), please consult the brochures on Firefly (using the links below) and contact me to see if I can help to accommodate your request - provided there are spaces available.



Happy Weekend!

Kevin Swaine 
Co-Curricular Learning Coordinator