17 May, 2024

What is new on our menu Our renewed snack

What is new on our menu Our renewed snack - What is new on our menu Our renewed snack

Early Years children and students in Year 1 and 2 are given three meals a day to help them develop healthy eating habits, as the foundations for this can be laid at an early age.  

Providing the right ingredients in our snacks and lunches is essential to ensure students have the attention and energy levels to learn. So, we offer them vegetables and fruit daily, dairy products and whole-meal cereals. Vegetables, fruits and wholegrain cereals are important for a healthy gut. Still, the fiber they contain also helps regulate blood sugar levels, which affects our mood, attention and concentration, so for children, adequate fiber intake also helps their learning abilities. The positive effects of a meal on mood and attention may be shorter if it contains less fiber. This may be why students perform better on attention and memory tests two hours after a higher-fiber meal than a high-sugar, low-fiber breakfast.  

Previously, we introduced natural yoghurt with fresh fruit, and now we have added delicious, sugar-free, whole-meal biscuits and boiled eggs to our menu to give them an even more varied meal. Dietary fiber and certain fermented foods, such as yoghurt, can also help promote a healthy 'microbiome' (the billions of microorganisms that live in the gut). This can also contribute to a good mood and general well-being, but how this happens still needs to be fully understood.

Of course, we also track these changes in our dietary intake, and we treat our students with food allergies to similar but alternative ingredients as much as possible. 

Top tips

  • Eating regularly helps promote a good mood and attention.

  • Foods that are rich in dietary fiber may also help.

  • Eating a wide variety of nutritious foods helps mood, attention and learning.

Last but not least, we're also paying homage to light summer dishes, with delicious vegetarian Pasta with Spinach. We are confident that everyone who tries it will love it.