28 June, 2024

Enrichment Week 2024 - Year 7-10

Enrichment Week 2024 - Year 7-10

There was a fun packed programme for the secondary students remaining on-site, which followed the 5 Co-Curricular strands. Students were immersed in languages, film-making, STEAM activities and cooking. They learned about children's rights and advocacy, and showed their creative talents through artwork. They hiked in the hills and formed friendships across year groups. See the Firefly page for further details and photographs.



On Monday, we focused on creating a trailer for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. First, we familiarised ourselves with the plot of Hamlet by reading a summary and completing quizzes. Then, we learned about stylistic devices used in film and cinematography, we focused on the types of shots used in film and came up with criteria for a good trailer. We later used the criteria to create our own short trailers for Hamlet which we presented to the class. Overall, it was a great experience and we learnt lots about the process and skills that go into creating a successful trailer.

By Aron



In the morning, we played some math games, which were both fun and educational. Afterward, we went to the science lab, where we learned about Constantinople, Leningrad, and the concepts of sieges and catapults. We were introduced to some new key terms related to these topics.

Our next task was to research and create a timeline of all major sieges and siege techniques, including the famous Siege of Troy.

Following this, we built our own catapults and slingshots using the materials provided and participated in engaging challenges to test their effectiveness. We got to shoot Mr. Wasey with our catapults. Winners received a pack of Haribo as a reward, and everyone else shared one pack as well. It was really fun.

By Agata and Sharon


Today was honestly amazing, In the morning we decided that the year 9s and 10s would cook food with Ms Croft, Ms Mattiasich and Ms Gougen and would be judged by different teachers on the taste, the organisation, the teamwork, the presentation and most importantly, the international influence. The year 7s and 8s went to the tube to do the language part. The language part would be learning different languages in some subjects, the main activity was to split the class into two and make a trail for the other team, and would circle around the school, completing the other puzzles made by the other team. Whoever got back to the tube first wins.

And that’s Enrichment Day 3!

by Hamad

On Wednesday, we prepared several delicious meals for our beloved judges and worked together seamlessly to make our food the best it could be. Our team decided to make chicken Alfredo with inspiration of Italy and strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert.

I really enjoyed how all of the teams focused and put all their effort into making their food enjoyable. Although we made some mistakes, we learned from them and still managed to cook some great food that our judges loved.

We started by carefully planning our dishes. Each member of our team had a specific task. Some of us chopped the chicken and fruits, while others prepared the Alfredo sauce. We also made sure the strawberries were perfectly dipped in chocolate and looked beautiful for the judges. The teamwork was amazing, and everyone contributed their best.

The other teams were also working hard on their dishes. Everyone was very dedicated to their work. The kitchen was filled with dedication and there was a lot of great dishes at the end that definitely deserved 1st place.

In the end, even though we got second place, we were happy with it. The experience taught us a lot about working as a team, staying organized, and being creative. It was an unforgettable day, and I am proud of what we accomplished. I definitely learned from the mistakes we made and will use that knowledge in the future.

By Alex



Today, year 7-10s have experienced the outdoor life physically and mentally while marching long hours side by side, learning what the importance of nature is. In our adventurous 17km hike in the (location) forest, we’ve pulled our weights and explored nature like natural explorers, always on the lookout for small treasures; mushrooms, birds, insects, plants. 

Attacked by nature’s hungry, long-legged predators, mosquitoes, as we navigated challenging trails and states, our team moral was always spread as we paired together and helped each member reach our destiny with support. Through this hike, we’ve learnt the importance of teamwork and the value of reconnecting with nature instead of daily indoor activities and technology. What a journey, we’ve been bitten by mosquitoes, suffered heat, yet we still arrived home enthusiastically in one piece and all whole. Wow! We love nature, we are nature!

By Elizaveta