28 June, 2024

Year 12 Collaborative Science Projects


Year 12 have been spending a lot of time in Sports Hall One over the last week. Not doing sport, although they could tell you the science behind it...

As part of their IB studies, Year 12 students showcased their Science Collaborative projects this week. Not only were they able to demonstrate a lot of their research from the week, they were also able to explain in an interesting an entertaining fashion the science behind what they were investigating. If you ever wanted to know what makes a banana skin slippery, what surface to play golf on for most accuracy, how Coldplay actually use bikes to power the lights at their concerts, and many other things, just ask one of our knowledgeable Year 12s.

Just before their trip to Vienna, Year 12 were also in the Sports Hall showcasing their TOK exhibitions. Here, they were required to choose three objects, often with personal significance, that allowed them to explore different perspectives on questions such as Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs, Does some knowledge belong only to particular communities of knowers? and To what extent is certainty attainable? Here again, they did not just curate their objects, but were able to talk convincingly about different ways of addressing their chosen questions.

These two recent events have really showcased the progress our Year 12 students are making with their research skills, knowledge acquisition, and critical thinking.


Kirk Wootton, Ashley Phillipson