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17 May, 2017

Shared Vision and Values

Shared Vision and Values
Shared Vision and Values

The schools within the Nord Anglia Education family are fortunate in that we all share the same vision and values when it comes to shaping future global citizens. Our students are more accustomed than most at questioning their place in the world, on a local, national and global scale. We recognize the importance of encouraging students to know themselves and where they come from, but also empowering them to look beyond and identify the incredible opportunities that are created by diversity and the richness of culture. Nord Anglia Education offers many opportunities for students to recognize this, from the Global Campus online program to a variety of overseas trips.

However, at BISC Lincoln Park, we are incredibly fortunate in that we don’t need to travel to far-off places to experience a wealth of culture, diversity and new tradition. This half term, an incredible group of parents organized our very first International Day – a unique celebration of the many cultures and nationalities represented within our school. The students were treated to a day of exploring national dress, traditional food, stunning cultural performances and historical lessons from our generous BISC Lincoln Park families.

The event, which took place in the school gymnasium, was a huge success for all that took part. However, it is not just enjoying the beauty of the clothing and tasting the deliciousness of the food that enhances our global curriculum – it is far more than this. It is about making connections; it is about respecting both similarities and differences; it is about inspiring communities, both near and far, to be open and embracing of new cultures and traditions. This event was the perfect platform to do just this, and we would like to thank our school community for joining together to ensure that our students really do have the best possible experiences to enable them to become successful global citizens. 

- Ms. Scott, Aspiring Leader and Year 6 Teacher