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January 09, 2024

The Joy of Vaguely Organized Nonsense

Pantomime-Pantomime-Peter Pan Panto 1280 x 720 px 1000 x 600 px
Community Tradition: The BISC-LP Pantomime

It’s that time of year again. Oh, yes, it is! Our school community is brimming – on and off stage – with excitement for Beauty and the Beast. This tale as old as time is not a regular choice on the pantomime circuit in Britain, but bringing this story to life with a BISC-LP flair has been an absolute joy as we have peppered the familiar plot with our own brand of humor and in-jokes.


Year on year, I hear an increasing number of adults in our community expressing excitement about the pantomime. For me, that is one of the joys of pantomime: it is ostensibly a children’s show to which generations of adults have flocked, completely of their own volition. It’s a whole-family affair. But why? What is it about pantomime that makes the school principal an acceptable target for gags? Why do adults suddenly find jokes about big, frilly underwear (often attributed to Mlle. Jones) hilarious? Why do we laugh at the same in-jokes year after year? Pantomime is just such… nonsense.


And I think the key is exactly that: the joy of nonsense. There is a certain joy to be found in setting aside the seriousness of the real world and indulging in ninety or so minutes of pure nonsense, with a few musical spectacles for good measure. Furthermore, it fills me with joy – not just to act like Dick Whittington’s kleptomaniac cat on stage – but to bring this tradition of vaguely organized nonsense to our community. It is a glorious, shared experience of pure silliness that brings our multicultural community together.

So, I look forward to seeing you on January 20th. Please take this blog as permission to yell, “He’s behind you,” with wonton abandon and enjoy our annual celebration of the joy of vaguely organized nonsense.


Tim Tuckley-Cariveau

Year 3 Teacher & Pantomime Director