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February 15, 2024

Enhancing Your Child's Success

Enhancing Your Child's Success - Teacher blog
Parent-Teacher Collaboration at BISC-LP

Ever wondered how teaming up with teachers can really boost your child's learning experience? A strong partnership between you and your child’s teacher can be a great avenue to ensuring your child is getting the most out of their education. Here is how we aim to achieve this at BISC-LP -

Enhancing Your Child's Success - Teacher blog 

1. Building Rapport from Day One:

From the get-go, we establish a friendly and open line of communication. For example, we kick off the year with a “Meet the Teacher Day” setting the stage for a collaborative year ahead. You should always feel like your children’s teachers are approachable and available.


2. Tailoring the Journey to Your Child:

Each child is unique, and your insights are invaluable. We love when parents share little nuggets about their child’s interests during our Parent-Teacher interactions, helping us create personalized learning experiences in the classroom.


3. Catching Hurdles Early:

Regular email updates and scheduled check-ins allow us to flag any concerns early. Every student’s learning journey is different, bumps come up along the way both big and small. The frequency of touch points with your child’s teacher is key to knowing what the next steps for your child are.


4. Using All Our Resources Smartly:

We pool our resources for the best outcomes. For instance, the cross curricular nature of our curriculum helps the conversation build from lesson to lesson and link favorite subjects with less favored ones.

Enhancing Your Child's Success - Teacher blog

5. Creating a Happy, Supportive Learning Space:

Positive vibes are important, and not just on Fridays! We have a very proactive approach to behavior management which is channeled through our Goal Squad, House System and most importantly the sharing of values across home and school.

Enhancing Your Child's Success - Teacher blog

Teaming up with you is our favorite part of the inner workings at BISC-LP. Together, we're not just teaching; we're nurturing curious, confident, and successful learners.


John Biggs

Head of Campus