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June 13, 2024

Teachers as Lifelong Learners for an Ever-Changing World

Teachers as Lifelong Learners for an Ever-Changing World - Teachers as Lifelong Learners for an Ever-Changing World
Teachers as Lifelong Learners for an Ever-Changing World

Learning is an ongoing journey, not a destination. At our school, we believe that both teachers and students are perpetual learners, each contributing to the growth and development of the other. This curiosity is at the core of our commitment to delivering impactful and personalized education.

One way us teachers ensure continuous improvement is through Action Research. This process involves identifying areas for growth as a school, testing hypotheses based on the latest research, and sharing insights to enhance our teaching practices. It's about staying agile and responsive to the evolving needs of our students.

For instance, we recently delved into the concept of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy theory. This theory suggests that when we believe in our students and set high expectations for them in our communication, they are more likely to excel - especially when using 'you are' statements as forms of praise (e.g. you are such a strong problem-solver, you are creative in your thinking). We wanted to see how we could harness this idea to boost confidence and success in Math. Imagine if a simple change in wording could make a difference in your child's potential to excel!

To put this theory into practice, we conducted a simple investigation in praise and feedback. By varying the type of feedback given to different groups of students, we observed significant changes in their confidence levels and perceptions of their own abilities. This taught us the power of intentional language in fostering a positive classroom culture, and such findings were shared with staff and the parent community!

Now, as we enter the Summer Term, our teachers are embarking on various projects aimed at enhancing learning experiences. From using Socratic Circles to encourage discussion to incorporating visual prompts for independent learning, each initiative is designed to nurture the unique needs of our students here at BISC-LP and ensure we are up to date on the latest skills in the world of education!

We understand that experimenting with teaching methods may raise questions! Rest assured. Every decision we make is grounded in research and driven by a commitment to your child's success. Our goal is not only to educate effectively but also to inspire lifelong learners who are equipped to thrive in an ever-changing world.

At our school, we're dedicated to creating an environment where curiosity thrives. From this, we provide personalized approaches and small changes to lead to effective outcomes. We look forward to sharing our findings and continuing to elevate the standard of education for all our students.


Lowri Covello-Phillips

Year 5 Leader & Teacher