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07 November, 2019

Superstan Production and Budding journalists

Superstan Production and Budding journalists This week has been extremely busy for everyone in Year 5.

This week has been extremely busy for everyone in Year 5. On Tuesday evening, Year 5 performed their class production, The Amazing Adventures of Superstan. The show centered around Stanley Marvel, a clumsy young man from Megaville. He lived an ordinary life until it’s turned upside down when he discovers that local hero, The Candy King, is actually a super-villain determined to rule the world and enslave the citizens with hypnotic gobstoppers and a giant remote control. All the children performed brilliantly and we’re all super proud of their work preparing for the show and remembering all their lines! Well done Year 5!

In English, we’ve finished reading our class book, Cosmic. In celebration of this, we decided to get pupils to write a newspaper article, reporting on the mysterious words written on the lunar surface, ‘Hello Dad.’ No one knows how they got there and Pelicans have been writing fascinating articles using complex sentences, relative clauses and quotes to bring the story to life. Pelicans also used their IT skills to write up their edited newspaper article on Microsoft Publisher. I’m predicting there are a few future journalists residing in Pelicans!

By Mark Walker

Year 5 Pelicans Teacher