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Nord Anglia
24 March, 2022

All about Dinosaurs

All about Dinosaurs We have been spending time learning about dinosaurs.

We have been spending time learning about dinosaurs.

We have talked about their different body parts and compared their bodies to our own, using questions such as how many feet do they have, how many do we have? We also talked about where they come from and how they hatch out of eggs.

During different times throughout the day we have been able to use small world objects, toys, pictures and short videos to show what different dinosaurs look like and how they move around. This has helped us to encourage the use of different dinosaur related vocabulary. We have used this in combination with the different Makaton hand signs as a useful EAL tool to assist with learning.

We have celebrated the topic with a few different fun-filled activities. Children were able to learn about dinosaur fossils and have a go at digging up dinosaur bones in our sensory tray paleontology activity. They had to carefully use their fine motor skills to use a brush to move sand off the bones to uncover them. The children also had the chance to get their creative juices flowing by decorating a dinosaur egg!

We have also had the chance to sing and dance to different dinosaur songs, these have included we are the dinosaurs, 10 little dinosaurs and many more. The children have loved stomping around and roaring.


By Christopher Baxter

Pre-Nursery Starfish Class Teacher