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News image BSKL_Kuala Lumpur_Malaysia_2020_073 Blog | educationalinsights | Early Years | Educational Insights | Global Stories | Highlights
Introducing Global Campus Junior: Learning made fun for early years students
Nord Anglia Global Campus takes education beyond the classroom. Bringing together our 69 schools around the world, it is a fundamental part of how we teach our students to be truly global citizens. The highly personalised learning platform provides a safe space for students to connect and collaborate with each other, and offers a huge variety of engaging extra-curricular activities. It is an essential part of how BSKL students explore independent learning.
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News image BSKL_Kuala Lumpur_Malaysia_2020_309 Blog | educationalinsights | Educational Insights
The Learning Journey: How your child continues to achieve their potential
Whether in the classroom or learning with us through our virtual school - each individual student, their unique learning journey and their academic goals are at the heart of what we do.
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News image iCPmVwsTX4 Blog | educationalinsights | Educational Insights
Academic transition for mid-year joiners - top tips for parents, part 1
Starting school mid-year is surprisingly common, especially in international schools where families come and go more frequently. However, here at The British International School of Kuala Lumpur, we understand moving schools mid-year can be difficult and parents are likely to have some concerns such as, ‘Will my child be able to catch up with the work?’; ‘Will my child make friends easily?’; and ‘How will my family fit into the school community?’
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News image iGdRXPfGX4 Blog | educationalinsights | Educational Insights
Academic transition for mid-year joiners - top tips for parents, part 2
Moving to a new school can be a daunting experience, particularly if this involves settling into a new country and culture. At The British International School of Kuala Lumpur, we pride ourselves on providing a warm and welcoming environment. 95% of parents say their child is happy at our school and happiness is something we continuously strive for. Our transition programme has been designed to support new students and their families through each step of the process.
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News image kfsfs Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Highlights
Virtual School Experience - Top Tips for Parents
Wherever your family is in the world right now, we look forward to welcoming your child into their classroom through our Nord Anglia Virtual School Experience. Here are our parent top five tips for supporting your child during their Virtual School Experience.
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News image Shin Chaeyeon_0149 Blog | studentstories | Student Stories
Student Success Story
We've caught up with Crystal Shin, one of our 2019 Year 11 alumni. Crystal joined us in 2015 as a Year 8 student and left with an incredible set of IGCSE results last summer: in nine of her subjects, Crystal achieved grade A* or Level 9. In this brief interview, Crystal gives some advice to students studying at BSKL with a particular focus on how they can achieve success by building their vocabulary through reading and speaking and, most importantly, how they should believe in themselves.
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News image 20190624_153711_IMG_4778 Blog | educationalinsights | Educational Insights | Secondary
Pursuing Academic Excellence
BSKL has consistently produced outstanding results and the 2018/19 academic year was no different.
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News image bskl_109_35816844782_o copy Blog | educationalinsights | Educational Insights
The benefits of a well-rounded education
The British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL) is one of the top international schools in the country which is noticeably highlighted through its academic success. However, academia is not the only area the school excels in.
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News image DSC07001 Blog | 9 | Teacher Stories
Teacher Spotlight - Simon Sharp, Head of Primary
Meet our Head of Primary: Mr Simon Sharp. Mr Sharp stepped into the role of Head of Primary in August 2018, leaving the UK for sunnier climes in Malaysia and bringing with him a wealth of teaching and leadership experience.
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News image TTLINK Blog | educationalinsights | Educational Insights
Teacher Talk
NAIS Dublin’s head of primary Lisa Cannell shares how it’s a daily privilege to watch a child learn and why it’s important for young people to have an education that enriches both the mind and soul.
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News image CreativityLINK Blog | educationalinsights | Educational Insights
Unleash Your Creativity
Creativity isn’t a trait unique to those who pursue the arts. Educators say it’s a way of thinking that leads to imaginative and unique solutions to all types of real-world problems.
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News image PAChinaLINK Blog | educationalinsights | Educational Insights
Back to the Classics
Students learn far more playing in an orchestra than just learning to perfect the sounds of the music on their own.
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News image PS_LINK Blog | educationalinsights | Educational Insights
More Than a Single Answer
Learning has shifted from solving a problem with a single, definitive answer to identifying problems in a given situation and offering multiple, possible solutions, Nord Anglia Education, Education Director Andy Puttock says.
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News image Anna Leaman Blog | 9 | Teacher Stories
Teacher Spotlight - Anna Leaman, Head of English
Anna Leaman, Head of English, is our teacher in the spotlight this month. Anna has a love for literature and is able to ‘think like a student’ to bring lessons to life. She describes her teaching style as structured, collaborative and fast-paced.
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News image UNI_LINK Blog | 3 | Global Stories
Does it Matter which University you Choose?
Where you go is not who’ll you’ll be, were comments that sparked debate recently in the media and got many of us thinking, does that statement ring true for the university you choose? Windermere Preparatory School’s International Student Advisor Ruth Lahnston, Counselor Nancy Gerena and British International School Chicago, South Loop’s Director of Counseling Lindsay Kafitz say students should choose a university that is the best fit for them.
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News image Emeline Young Blog | studentstories | Student Stories
Student Spotlight - Emeline Yong, Year 10
The first of our student spotlight series features Emeline Yong, Year 10. Emeline is a 2018 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award winner who would love to meet Shakespeare, enjoys dancing in her spare time and believes the best part about studying at BSKL is being granted the opportunity to acquire interpersonal skills.
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News image 20180627_144116_DSCF9829 Blog | studentstories | Highlights | Secondary | Student Stories
Class of 2018 - Where are they now?
We decided to catch up with our class of 2018 - the first graduating cohort at BSKL - to see where they are now and what they have been up to at university.
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News image Ethan Roberts Blog | 9 | Educational Insights | Highlights | Teacher Stories
Teacher Spotlight - Ethan Roberts, Head of Economics and Business Studies
Ethan Roberts is an economics specialist from the United States who has worked in several schools, both in the US and internationally. He enjoys teaching the 'economic way of thinking' to young people and says that BSKL has great leaders, amazing facilities and incredible colleagues.
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News image BSKL_25 2 Blog | 9 | Educational Insights | Teacher Stories
Teacher Spotlight - Dr Allison Plant, Maths Teacher
Dr Allison Plant shares her love for teaching maths in a meaningful and relevant way, inspiring students around the world. Wherever possible she enjoys teaching outside of the classroom and says that BSKL students have a true desire to learn.
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