ages 5 - 11


We know that every child has different needs and learns in unique ways. That’s why we consider the Primary years a formative time, when our students develop their personalities, foster their creativity, learn more about the world and improve their language skills.

We're an academically-focused school. We've redefined what good learning looks like, disciplined, personalised and fun. Our Primary students move through Years 1-5 learning the skills, knowledge and understanding to grow into successful lifelong learners, and take on the Secondary years feeling empowered.


A unique international bilingual curriculum

Our personalised Primary programme gives our students the perfect balance of knowledge and soft skills to become confident and inspired learners, with a clear focus, open mind and determination. Our approach is one-of-a-kind in Ho Chi Minh City. Our students absorb an international bilingual education, placing the National Curriculum for England and the International Primary Curriculum within the learning context of Vietnam.  

Our International Primary Curriculum teaches in both English and Vietnamese, with the greatest focus on core subjects, Literacy and Maths.

Delivered in both languages, art, history, and geography are taught through thematic studies, and students dive into both English and Vietnamese research to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation.

An innovative bilingual phonics system

Our Primary students' bilingualism is carefully nurtured through our pioneering phonics programme, that teaches Vietnamese and English phonics using one single approach. Unique to BVIS, this programme teaches reading in both languages until our students are able to seamlessly switch between the two.

Exceptional facilities for active learning  

Our facilities are the perfect atmosphere for learning, but were designed with much more in mind. Our interactive campus promotes collaboration between students and staff, fostering respect for different cultures and accelerating language-learning in English and Vietnamese. Our environment challenges students to think independently, creating results-driven learners who can succeed in any environment. 

Our outstanding teachers

We carefully handpick teachers with a strong background in British education and a track record of inspiring children to succeed. All our educators have teaching qualifications from leading institutions and undergo professional development in both Vietnam and abroad. Teachers from different backgrounds collaborate in shared planning and cross-language topics to enhance both English and Vietnamese language skills. 

Personalised learning approach and assessment

Our personalised approach to learning means our students are engaged and inspired, with lesson plans tailored to their interests, while ensuring they get the best results.
At BVIS HCMC, we set progress assessments with specific Aged-Related Expectations (AREs) to check how each individual child is progressing in Maths, English, and Vietnamese, and then use these results to craft their future learning. 

Education beyond the classroom

One of the reasons children and parents love BVIS HCMC is our extracurricular programme, which kickstarts confident lifelong learning that goes beyond our curriculum. Our students enjoy excursions, day trips, sports, performing arts, community service, and a range of other activities, not only in Vietnam, but also across Asia and around the world.

A supportive and close partnership with parents

At BVIS HCMC, we know that parents are the most important people in a child’s life. We’ll work closely with you to communicate the things we know are an important part of your child's learning journey. We use individual learning portfolios on the ClassDojo platform, as well as weekly learning overviews and parent meetings.


At BVIS HCMC, we thread an international curriculum together with traditional Vietnamese values, giving our school a truly unique learning environment. Students realise their aspirations, master bilingualism and learn how to make a difference in the world well beyond the classroom.

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