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Joining our family
We look forward to welcoming your family to the BVIS HCMC learning community!


When you join BVIS HCMC, you become part of a global community for students, parents, and alumni, and open the pathways to success for your child.
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We offer year-round placements for new students – the process is simple, personalised and fast. 

BVIS HCMC is an academically selective school, home to a diverse community of students. 

To learn at our school, students must have sufficient fluency in English or Vietnamese. A verbal reasoning test is required as part of the entrance assessment, to ensure that all students will be comfortable and happy in our school environment. If a student’s language skills need extra support, English and Vietnamese tutoring may be offered at no extra cost, although this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Additional support is given to students with minor learning difficulties, and will require further documentation and an interview with our learning support coordinator to ensure our school is supporting in the best way possible.

Every child must complete an entrance assessment or attend an interview at the campus or remotely, by appointment. 

Where applicable, additional documentation must be submitted, including exam certificates, school reports, academic transcripts and a photo of passport/ birth certificate.
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Our friendly team is here to make your admissions process as seamless as possible.

  • Highly personalised admissions process, both online and offline
  • Individual care and support
  • Assistance in both English and Vietnamese
Application is easy
  • You’ll take a school tour, either on campus or virtually
  • For Foundation 1 – Year 3 (Preschool – Grade 2) children, there’s a play session and an interview
  • Year 4 – Year 13 (Grade 3 – Grade 12) students must take an entrance test before being invited to an interview
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Our Admissions team will be delighted to answer your questions and set you on the path to joining our school community.
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Admissions | BVIS HCMC-05 - visualTimeline-BVIS HCMC Tuyn sinh Tour
Guided campus tour
You’ll be shown around our campus, either in-person or virtually.
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Submit application form
BVIS HCMC accepts applicants all year round.
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All students will have an interview and entrance test. Our school will make an offer if we believe it’s the right match for your child.
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Securing your child’s place
Pay your deposit and registration fee.
Enrolment and orientation
We’ll get your child acquainted with the school, their peers, and their routine, and ensure they have everything they need to integrate into our welcoming community.
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Here are the most important dates for your diary in the upcoming school year.

Download academic calendars here:

Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Term 1
Thursday 17 Aug to Friday 15 Dec 2023
Christmas holidays
Monday 18 Dec 2023 to Tuesday 09 Jan 2024
Term 2
Wednesday 10 Jan to Wednesday 17 Apr 2024
Tet Holidays
Monday 05 Feb to Monday 19 Feb 2024
Easter holidays
Thursday 18 Apr to Wednesday 01 May 2024
Term 3
Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 26 Jun 2024
Summer holidays begin
Thursday 27 Jun 2024


Our amazing facilities, extra-curricular activities, and highly qualified teachers give young students the platform they need to unlock their potential. This page provides parents with full disclosure over the costs of enrolling here.
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Our families are the finest companions across the BVIS community. At BVIS HCMC, we believe that every journey is better experienced with friends. Bring your friend to BVIS and embark on your pathway to joy and success.
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  • Will my child be able to follow the curriculum if we enrol halfway through the year?
    Yes, absolutely. BVIS HCMC provides every student with a personalised learning programme, designed to support them as they prepare for their IGCSE exams at 16. We also provide English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Vietnamese as an Additional Language (VAL) support for students who need it.
  • Will my child who is studying in a Vietnamese school without any English be accepted?
    Their placement will depend on their age, test results, and school reports. Older children are expected to have higher levels of English because of the curriculum we follow. Our excellent English support team can help your child if they experience initial difficulties. We aim for every student to thrive and succeed, no matter their background or experience.
  • What is the purpose of the security deposit?
    Our admissions process begins in October, when we start recruiting the best international teachers for the following academic year. An early financial investment is made in our teaching staff, so in return we need a commitment from families. Your deposit will offset any outlay made during the recruitment process, in the event that you withdraw your child’s application at short notice. The use of a deposit is a standard practice at premium international schools across the world.
  • Does the school follow the British or Vietnamese curriculum?
    BVIS HCMC is a one of a kind school in Vietnam, thanks to our unique ability to teach the National Curriculum of England in a bilingual environment. We use this curriculum as our framework to ensure every student receives an international-style education that maintains a strong Vietnamese perspective.
  • How is the day timetabled? Will English be integrated through the school day, or will my child study in English in the morning and Vietnamese in the afternoon, for example?
    Our English and Vietnamese curricula are integrated. The level of English increases as students enter Secondary (reaching 95% English in Key Stage 5) to prepare for their exams, but our younger students are exposed to equal levels of English and Vietnamese.
  • How do students graduate?
    Students study for their University of Cambridge IGCSE exams which they take at 16, then their International A Levels which they take at 18.
  • Are the qualifications obtained at BVIS HCMC recognised and valued across the globe?
    Yes. University of Cambridge exams are taken in more than 100 countries, and are universally accepted by all top-ranking universities in the world.
  • Will there be any learning support for my child?
    We offer learning support for children with mild learning difficulties. We have English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Vietnamese as an Additional Language (VAL) teams available to students who initially need extra help with their language acquisition, at no extra cost.
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Enrolment is open all year round. Subject to available spaces, your child is welcome to join BVIS HCMC at any point in the school year. We can’t wait to welcome your family!

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