AGES 16 to 18


With university on the horizon, our oldest students specialise in their chosen subjects as they study for their International A-levels. The gold standard of academic excellence, our A-level curriculum develops the knowledge, skills, and experience our students need to succeed.


At Key Stage 5, our students delve deeper into their chosen subjects. As they prepare for university – and start thinking about careers – they become specialists in their fields, typically following three A-level courses. Every step of the way, your child will benefit from exceptional personalised support and the highest standards of teaching.


Students choose from an extensive range of A-level options, allowing them to pursue their academic strengths and passions, as well as their university and career ambitions. Subjects include:
  • Art and design; drama; music.
  • English literature.
  • Media studies.
  • Business studies; economics.
  • Geography; history.
  • Maths; further maths; computer science.
  • Physical education.
  • Biology; chemistry; physics; psychology.
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Our teachers and expert University and Career Counsellor work closely with each student to build their personal profile and portfolio of skills. This maximises their chance of getting into their first-choice university destination.

Every year, our graduates receive offers from top universities around the globe, including in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam. 



An array of personalised experiences enrich our students' day, as they delve into subjects and activities that reflect their passions and talents.
The start of the day
Our students arrive at 8:30am and spend time with their tutor or study personal, social, health, and economic (PSHE) education. Regular whole-school celebration assemblies give our students a huge boost, ensuring they start the day on a positive note.
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The start of the day
Initiate challenging learning
In the first lesson of the day, students might challenge themselves with an A-level English literature lesson based on a poem or novel that’s ignited their curiosity.
Initiate challenging learning
Brain food
At lunchtime, fresh, nutritious, and delicious Asian and Western meals are prepared onsite for students to enjoy with their friends.
Brain food
Art kickstart
Creative ideas are explored and developed in our art studio, where our students seek inspiration from their peers and teachers, as well as the school’s creative arts gallery.
Art kickstart
Curriculum additions
When the bell chimes at 3:05pm, it’s home time for our Secondary students - or they can join one of our many after-school clubs. Whether they love art, sport, music, dance, or drama, there truly is something for everyone!
Curriculum additions
How we teach


Our specialist teachers have a track record of inspiring our students to succeed. The bring a wealth of qualifications and experience to our classrooms, and share our commitment to developing the skills your child will need to get into - and succeed at - the university of their dreams.
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Our brilliant graduates go on to achieve great things at universities and in careers around the world.
Lam Ngo

Class of 2018
Civil Engineering and Economics Major, Bucknell University (USA)

"BVIS provided me with great knowledge and skills that helped me to quickly adapt to overseas student life in the US. They supported me to confidently explore opportunities to develop passion and ambition."

Kiet Ho

Class of 2021
Economic and Business Economics, Erasmus University (Netherlands)

"BVIS was not only a school where you get educated but also a second home. The teachers were like your parents, guiding you through life to develop your knowledge and manners, and become confident when stepping out to the world."

Khang Nguyen
Class of 2018
Physics and Astrophysics Major, University of Birmingham (UK)

"BVIS gave me a myriad of opportunities I never knew existed. The staff and the support they provided throughout my time there was invaluable. It shaped my current direction, both in university and in life."
Khue Nguyen
Class of 2019
Barnard College (US)

"BVIS opened so many doors for me. I have so many vivid memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Some of those memories include the first time I stood on the BVIS stage, the first English essay I wrote, and the first friend I made in high school. Before coming to BVIS, I never thought I would have the chance to speak, perform, and express myself in front of so many people."
Magda Nguyen

Class of 2018
Global Communications Major, American University of Paris (France)

"My teachers inspired me to go out and explore the world of media. That helped me to discover my dream of working in the film industry."

Tran Pham
Class of 2021
Human Resources Management Major, RMIT University (Vietnam)

"BVIS provided me with many treasured memories. It was a safe and friendly learning environment that taught me independence and tenacity in study and life, as well as giving me precious friendships."


Our purpose-built facilities will unlock your child's potential, creating extraordinary learning experiences that nurture their strengths, passions, and ambitions. In a supportive and interactive environment, our A-level students are encouraged to think independently, work collaboratively, and develop a deep respect for language and culture.


Our truly international curriculum is grounded in traditional Vietnamese values, inspiring our students to realise their aspirations and make a difference in the world beyond the classroom.

Our academic excellence