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25 October, 2018

Tanzania Expedition 2018

Tanzania Expedition 2018 | BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia - tanzania-expedition-2018
Tanzania Expedition 2018 The annual Tanzania Expedition, part of Nord Anglia Education’s Global Classroom, provides an unforgettable opportunity for our students to gain a greater understanding of a new culture and to make a real difference in the lives of others.


Day 1 (24 Oct 2018)

We've all made it to the airport and checked in without any problems. Our flight departs at 7:15pm. Students are now enjoying a bit of time in groups looking around shops, eating or quietly reading.


Day 2 (25 Oct 2018)

We've all made it to the airport fine after a short stop in a very nice hotel. The students are again enjoying a bit of freedom in the duty free and restaurant areas, whilst we wait for our Flight to Tanzania.

BVIS HCMC Tanzania Expedition 2018 4

Day 3 (26 Oct 2018)

We made it to camp, had dinner and met all the other school's students and staff. Students have spent the evening getting briefed and packing for tomorrows activities.

The students have been split into two groups today - group 1 are trekking and camping overnight (photos to follow when they return!) whilst group 2 have been here at Seeway building, which was challenging in the rain! The building project is a continuation of the project BVIS have worked on on previous trips. We managed to get a good start on a ramp for disabled students, mixing a laying cement for this.

BVIS HCMC Tanzania 2018 17

Day 4 (27 October 2018)

My group got back to camp today after spending yesterday trekking (in the rain) to a waterfall and camping at night. Today we had a brilliant day of community service, building goat sheds and smokeless stoves and installing solar panels for 3 families in need. All of which was funded by the students' prior fundraising. We also played games and interacted with lots of the Tanzanian children, which we all loved doing. All of the students worked really hard but thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got a lot out of the whole experience. They've spent this evening reflecting on the differences in their lives and the impact they've had on these families. What a great day!

Day 6 (29 October 2018)

Mr Brown's group got back from their 2 day Safari in the Tarangire national park today (Monday). The group spent 2 days travelling around the national park, viewing wildlife in it's natural habitat. They spotted a wide variety of animals including lions, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, zebras and many more. They all had a fantastic time and took lots of photos. On the way back they had the chance to buy some souvenirs and visit a charitable workshop where disabled people use recycled materials to create new products, which are then sold in their giftshop. A truly great project to learn about and support.

Tanznia 2018 BVIS HCMC 3

Miss Lavender’s group are off today to do the safari! We got back to camp yesterday after a day building goat’s sheds and smokeless stoves and installing solar lighting systems in 3 local family homes. The day before, the students trekked and then set up camp near the national park where we saw zebra and impala. At the campsite they prepared a delicious meal for everyone, including the staff (and cleaned up afterwards too!)

Tanznia 2018 BVIS HCMC 12

Day 7 ( 30 October 2018)

Mr Brown's group spent today working with the Seeway charity at a local school. They worked extremely hard building numerous wooden desks, setting the foundations and laying bricks for new classrooms. The school currently has 100 students per class, so the new rooms will help to reduce class sizes, resulting in better educational provision for these students. Our students will go back to the school tomorrow (Wednesday) to continue with this excellent project.

Tanznia 2018 BVIS HCMC 15

Day 9 ( 1 November 2018)

Mr Brown's group spent their final full day in Tanzania working on the school project. They made real progress on the classroom foundations and brick walls, ready for the next group to take continue. In the afternoon they had a chance to interact with some of the school children and played a huge game of football with them. A really rewarding end to the trip. Students have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and will now spent the final morning packing their bags and saying goodbye to their new friends.


Miss Lavender’s group got back last night from a two day safari. On Tuesday we set off from Shamba Kipara in the safari trucks and met our wonderful guides. The journey took us through the city of Arusha to Tarangire National Park where we begun the safari. Day one was filled with exciting spotting of animals from zebra, impala, wildebeests, warthogs, monkeys, birds and mongoose to a family of lions, giraffes, elephants and even a rare sighting of a leopard! In the evening we set up camp in the park, where a family of elephants strolled right by our tents. We enjoyed another delicious meal and a bit of time round the campfire, before an early night in tents ready for our 5am wake up!

On Wednesday we woke up to a beautiful sunrise. After breakfast we got back into the trucks for day two. We again began to instantly spot more wildlife - getting up close to elephants again, and seeing one group protecting a very young calf. Our guides were so knowledgeable and students learned a lot about the animals. On leaving the park we stopped to buy some souvenirs where students demonstrated some great bartering skills! Arriving back at Shamba Kipara, students were happy to be reunited with the other group and enjoyed a delicious barbecue together, along with the group instructors and Seeway staff. The evening ended with a disco and lots of dancing with their new friends from across the world.

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