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22 November, 2018

The benefits of playing card games

The benefits of playing card games - the-benefits-of-playing-card-games
The benefits of playing card games

Often we are asked at school how you can help your children at home. A very simple, fun and effective way to support your child can be to play card games with them. Cards games have been around since the 10th century and studies show that in addition to them being fun, there are many cognitive benefits for children:

The Benefits of Play Card BVIS HCMC

1. Builds number confidence, as many games require children to order numbers, add and subtract.

2. Learn strategies for categorising, sequencing and sorting numbers and suits.

3. Develops fine motor skills and dexterity when learning to hold and shuffle cards.

4. Encourages turn-taking, communication, problem solving and team work.

5. Improves memory.

6. Develops quick thinking skills.

7. Encourages risk-taking and strategic thinking.

The Benefits of Play Card BVIS HCMC

At school we encourage the use of cards; our teachers often use them within mathematics lessons and we are happy for our children to play card games during their playtimes. There are many games you can play at home and we have included links to a couple of useful websites below for you:

Children thrive when their parents spend time interacting with them and card games provide a great opportunity for interaction between all family members. Have fun - but beware it can get a bit competitive!