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Message from Secondary
Message from Secondary - 26th October
How partnerships with world-leading organisations transform learning
What's the right age to get my child a tablet?
Message from Primary - 9th November
Message from Secondary - 9th November
50 Years of International Education: Cap and Gown Ceremony, May 2019
Outstanding results achieved yet again by our IB Diploma students for the 2018/19 academic year
Message from Early Years
Message from Primary
Message from Early Years
Message from Primary
The importance of family time
What is the Theory of Knowledge?
Message from Primary
Message from Secondary
Week 2 | Message from Primary
Week 3 | Message from Primary
Week 4 | Message from Primary
Week 6 | Message from Primary
Well-being in the Early Years
Professional Development at NAIS Pudong
Message from Primary
What's on in Sports at NAIS Pudong
Music Connects NAIS Pudong Students to their Community
Message from Primary
Early Years Christmas Performance
An ambitious and unforgettable journey
In a world of TV and smartphones, why do we need books?
What's on in Sports at NAIS Pudong
Let me tell you a story
What's on in Sports at NAIS Pudong
An insight into our Early Years Department - Video and Q&A
The power of a supportive student environment
Reusable mask making in school – A Student Council Initiative
Tiny Tots | A sneak peek into Early Years in NAIS Pudong
TOK Exhibition | A milestone in the IB Diploma
Another year of outstanding results by NAIS Pudong’s IB Diploma students!
Whole School Meet and Greet Evening
Student Spotlight | Leyi
Take it Outside! The Importance of Outdoor Play
Under 19 netball is back!
End of Summer Picnic at NAIS Pudong
What is EAL and how do we celebrate it at NAIS?
When languages come alive
SHAMUN Conference
Early Years parent workshop | The Importance of Motor Development in the Early Years
"Faster, Higher, Stronger…. Together" - Secondary Sports Day
A taste of El Dia De Los Muertos