Through an incredible breadth of extracurricular experiences – ranging from music lessons to more than 100 clubs – your child will discover their strengths and passions. They’ll do this in a community where they feel supported and challenged. 
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From horse riding and acrobatic gymnastics to photography and world music, more than 100 extra-curricular activities will give your child the chance to do what they love, challenge themselves, and uncover new passions. We also organise seasonal sailing and water sports courses, which enable our students to hone their kayaking and paddleboard skills.
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Immersive private lessons deepen our students’ knowledge in the performing arts, fine arts, academic subjects, and wellbeing. Delivered by specialists, lessons are designed to enhance the knowledge, self-confidence, and skills of our students outside of the curriculum. They also encourage them to achieve excellence as well as overcome potential challenges.

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At Collège du Léman, so much of what our students learn happens beyond the classroom. Your child will enjoy extracurricular activities, trips, and service opportunities that fuel their passions and nurture talents.

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