Collège du Léman is a warm and truly international day and boarding school, where every child shapes their own journey to success.
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Home to students, parents, and teachers from more than 120 countries, our international community is a place where everyone belongs, and every student feels inspired.
Pauline Nord
Director General, Collège du Léman 


Choice is key at Collège du Léman (CDL), and we offer a wide range of internationally respected curricula, qualifications, and diplomas that give every student the opportunity to excel.


In High School, for example, your child will follow one of five distinct pathways, which include the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), IB Career-related Programme (IBCP), American High School Diploma, French Baccalaureate, and Swiss Maturité. As well as being packed with innovative learning experiences, our programmes are taught in either French, English, or a combination of the two, meaning your child will study in the language that suits them best.


Our ‘Made for You’ approach ensures our students are happy, engaged, and achieve fantastic results – including 100% pass rates in all five diplomas. Your child will leave us ready to create their own future, which includes studying at top 100 universities such as Cambridge and University College London.

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Our globally respected curricula – created by world-leading experts – reimagines learning through our six core educational pillars. 
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World's best teachers
Our school is home to extraordinarily talented teachers from around the world. With a wealth of experience and specialist qualifications – and a genuine passion for sharing knowledge in a way that works for every child – they inspire, challenge, and nurture our students’ skills.
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World's best teachers

At Collège du Léman (CDL), we think of our teachers as holistic educators. Their mission is to nurture the all-round skills, values, and global understanding your child will need to thrive, going above and beyond the pure transmission of academic excellence.

More than half of our exceptional educators have a Master’s or PhD, so they’re ideally qualified to share expert knowledge through awe-inspiring lessons and experiences. What’s more, two-thirds of our teaching team have 10 or more years’ classroom experience.

Our international school in Geneva is also home to one of the most diverse teaching bodies in Switzerland, with colleagues hailing from more than 35 countries. We believe that diversity fosters growth and exposure to different nationalities, styles, and backgrounds stimulates young minds.

Our teachers never stop learning, either. On the Nord Anglia University platform, they share ideas with colleagues worldwide, study for further qualifications, and access resources from world-leading organisations including MIT and The Juilliard School.

This ensures they deliver cutting-edge academic programmes and extracurricular experiences. It also guarantees your child will receive the very best instruction. Our parents agree: 9 out of 10 say their child receives a high-quality education at CDL.

Academic excellence
We think beyond traditional education to enable every student to shape their own unique learning journey. Our ‘Made for You’ philosophy guarantees choice, nurtures strengths, and fosters a lifelong love of learning. It also develops confident, resilient, and compassionate young people.
Academic excellence

At Collège du Léman (CDL), we understand there isn’t one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning – and that what fascinates and motivates your child may be different to their friends. This is why – from Pre-school through to High School – each student follows a tailored path that nurtures their strengths, passions, and hopes for the future.

From an early age, your child can learn in English, French, or a combination of the two. They can also switch between pathways year-to-year, ensuring they make the most of our vibrant bilingual environment, and become gifted dual-language communicators.

We’re proud to offer an exceptional choice of diploma options at 16, too. Our young people study for either the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP), the American High School Diploma, the French Baccalaureate, or the Swiss Maturité.

As well as being academically rigorous and respected worldwide, each diploma is packed with character-forming experiences, which build confidence, independence, and open-mindedness. Each student’s academic learning is complemented by our RISE values of Respect, Internationalism, Spirit, and Excellence, too. These bring our diverse community together, developing global citizenship and providing firm personal, social, and emotional foundations.

Giving our students agency over their learning sees them achieve fantastic results, including a 100% pass rate across all five diplomas. Our IBDP point score of 36.5 was significantly higher than the global average, too. And at IGCSE, 69% of our students earned A* to A grades, far above the world average of 26%.

Outstanding academic success unlocks a world of opportunities. Many of our students continue their education at the world’s best universities, including Oxford, University College London, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, and Università Bocconi.

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Exceptional learning experiences
We unlock the joy of learning at Collège du Léman. Through an incredible breadth of experiences – from international expeditions and private music lessons to more than 100 extracurricular clubs – your child will discover their strengths and passions. They’ll do all this in a community where they feel safe, supported, and challenged.
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Exceptional learning experiences

Outstanding experiences bring learning to life at CDL, everywhere, every single day.

From skiing and sailing to photography and world music, more than 100 extra-curricular activities will give your child the chance to do what they love, challenge themselves, and uncover new passions. Immersive private lessons deepen our students’ knowledge in the arts, music, and specialist subjects, too.

On local, national, and international adventures – including our citizenship expedition to Tanzania – your child will form lifelong friendships, grow in confidence, and develop a global perspective. Trips to museums and galleries, alongside inspirational visits from authors, musicians, and poets, also add a real-life dimension to classroom learning.

The exceptional experiences don’t end when term finishes, either. All year round, your child can try new things, finesse their skills, and have lots of fun at our inclusive camps. These include our Pre-university Camps, Winter Camps, and unforgettable Summer Camps, where each child creates their own programme of activities.

Of course, student health and happiness are the bedrock of our tailor-made philosophy. Our carefully thought-out wellbeing programme is packed with positive projects, like our Happy Feet group for Primary children who want to take time out at lunch and breaktimes. Mini-meditation sessions, a mindfulness programme, and our buddy system – all led by our full-time pastoral and counselling team – develop resilience and enable self-growth. 

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Our social purpose
At Collège du Léman, our students discover their place in the world – and use their energy, enthusiasm, and skills to make a real difference. We celebrate diversity and inclusion here, which will inspire your child to become a compassionate, open-minded global citizen.
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Our social purpose

With so many opportunities for service, leadership, and charity work, our students learn the immense value of helping others and standing up for what they believe in.

Our pioneering REACH programme nurtures responsible, eco-friendly, active, creative, and healthy behaviours. Students are challenged to take part in activities that benefit the school community, developing a host of transferable skills in the process.

Exemplifying our RISE values, your child will learn how to work as team, solve complex issues, and communicate effectively as part of our Student Government, High Honour Society, and House leadership groups. Our Eco and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committees promote citizenship and social contribution, too.

While they’re with us, your child will also learn about the challenges facing our planet – and take action to address them. Every year, our students take part in projects like the Gift Box appeal, which provides essentials to children in need across Europe, and support causes such as the Serenje Orphans Appeal in Zambia.

Through our exclusive collaboration with UNICEF, your child will explore global issues – including the UN Sustainable Development Goals – by taking part in debates, joining the Model United Nations, and going on life-changing international trips.

Our commitment to personal, social, and health education (PSHE) fosters the knowledge and attributes our students need to thrive as individuals, family members, and part of society. It also instils a strong moral compass and belief system.

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The Collège du Léman family
Large in scale yet small in feel, our closeknit multicultural community of more than 120 nationalities is truly special. We’re a school where everyone thrives, and as part of the Nord Anglia global family, a place where students create powerful connections that last a lifetime. 
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The Collège du Léman family

We’re proud of our wonderfully diverse international community, where all backgrounds, nationalities, and abilities are welcome. United by our RISE values of Respect, Internationalism, Spirit, and Excellence, our students, families, and teachers work together to create a nurturing environment where every child feels included and inspired to learn.

Our Parent Faculty Association (PFA) embodies our school spirit, organising a myriad of activities that connect families with daily life at Collège du Léman. Our parents love to get involved in whole-school events and celebrations, too, such as our annual International Day and Welcome BBQ, which bring our community together.

We also have an amazing team of Parent Ambassadors who help new families settle into our school and region. Our Parent Academy Programme, which runs sessions on topics such as screentime, choosing the right diploma, and support with homework, will connect you to your child’s learning journey.

Creating a strong sense of kinship across the age groups, our House system provides lots of opportunities for competition, fun, and friendship. Our family of boarding students also form lifelong bonds through shared experiences, including an array of weekend trips, special dinners, and social activities.

Your child will make powerful connections on our digital Global Campus platform, too, where every Nord Anglia student is part of a unique family of learners. They’ll collaborate and learn alongside peers from 32 countries, taking part in exclusive global projects, from coding challenges to maths skill-building games. 

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Advanced learning environments
Spanning more than 50 acres, our beautiful campus is brimming with outdoor spaces that burst with life and colour. Here, outstanding facilities inspire our students to get active and creative, as well as playing host to innovative learning experiences enhanced by technology. 
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Advanced learning environments

Tucked between the Jura Mountains and Lake Geneva – and only 20 minutes’ drive from the airport – our stunning campus is perfectly located within easy reach of the city, countryside, and rest of the world.

We’re a large school with a tightknit, family-orientated atmosphere, which creates a unique village feel. A beautiful place to learn, discover, and grow, our campus combines manicured gardens and shared natural learning areas with excellent sports, creative, and STEAM facilities.

Our students love to compete, get active, and have fun with friends in our state-of-the-art Olympus Gymnasium and on our all-weather pitch, while our dedicated artistic spaces spark creativity and promote interdisciplinary collaboration. They also host our exclusive performing arts collaboration with The Juilliard School.

Innovation flourishes here, too, where the latest education technology (EdTech) is effortlessly embedded into teaching and learning. All our students have access to a wide range of interactive technologies, including iPads, MacBooks, 3D printers, robotics, and programming software. And in our modern science labs, your child will ‘invent the future’, as they explore the endless possibilities of STEAM learning. 


Collège du Léman is so much more than a school. For our boarders, it’s a home away from home, a second family, and a place where students receive outstanding 24/7 care, support, and inspiration.

In our supportive community, your child will make friends for life, enjoy amazing activities outside of school, and develop the values and 21st century skills they need to be the very best version of themselves.

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We’re absolutely thrilled you’re considering Collège du Léman for your child’s education. Our admissions process is tailored to your family’s needs, and our friendly team will help you every step of the way.
  • Get in touch with us today – fill in our short online enquiry form.
  • Come and see our international school in Geneva – or book a virtual meeting.
  • Send us your application.
  • After reviewing your documents – and all being well – we’ll offer your child a place.
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At Collège du Léman, your child will benefit from a tailor-made education that will take them wherever they want to go in life – including the very best universities in the world.