For 16 to 18-year-olds


Our Pre-University Summer Camp sets our older students up for success. Over the course of two weeks, your child will discover potential careers across four academic streams, grow in confidence, and enjoy hands-on, collaborative activities.
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Our Pre-University Summer Programme is an immersive and dynamic course for driven high school students preparing for the future.

Pre-University is a comprehensive academic and activity programme. Your child will spend time developing their knowledge and critical thinking skills, as well as enjoying time outdoors on our campus, Lake Geneva, and across Switzerland.

Organised in partnership with Bucksmore Education, the programme guides students through four academic streams:



Our Pre-University programme runs over two weeks, from 14th-27th July 2024. An English level equivalent to B1 minimum is required to take part in this programme.

We offer two options:

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  • Explore engineering materials (metals, alloys, polymers, elastomers, adhesives, composites, ceramics) and learn about their properties.
  • Discover the role of the engineer and the ethical and innovative aspects induced
  • Develop an understanding of engineering products, drawings, project planning, and manufacturing.
  • Explore sustainable engineering: perspective of development of renewable energy and use of sustainable or recycled materials in product or technology production
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  • Learn the basics of stocks, bonds, investment, and economic policy.
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.
  • Engage in case studies covering topics like cryptocurrency, the role of the finance sector in public policy, and inflation.
  • Build networks and prepare for university applications.
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  • Engage in hands-on teaching and gain an insight into a variety of careers.
  • Develop a working knowledge of clinical medicine and the foundations of biomedical science.
  • Enjoy learning-in-action trips to the International Red Cross Museum in Geneva.
  • Take part in medical school application workshops and discussion panels.
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  • Interdisciplinary study in international relations, law, diplomacy, and governance.
  • Engage in debates about diverse historical and philosophical foundations.
  • Undertake critical analysis of political texts, including treaties, international agreements, and constitutions.
  • Enjoy a learning-in-action trip to the United Nations complex in Geneva.
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Group projects are a key element of the programme. Each academic stream features a shared dilemma that students investigate, research, and present their findings on. Group projects challenge students to think academically, as well as fostering teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

Pre-University Camp 2024 1 Session (2 semaines)
Internal student with accommodation CHF 6,190
External student without accommodation CHF 3,050
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