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awe-inspiring global opportunities
A world of exciting learning experiences, adventures, and activities await your child at Collège du Léman.

unlocking the joy of learning

Outstanding experiences bring learning to life at CDL, everywhere, every single day.

Through an incredible breadth of opportunities – from international expeditions and camps to private music lessons and more than 100 extracurricular activities – your child will discover their strengths and passions. They’ll do all this in a community where they feel safe, supported, and empowered.

Our RISE values are embedded into everything we do, too, ensuring your child will find their place in the world – and learn how to change it for the better. Confident, resilient, and equipped to push boundaries, our students flourish personally and academically.

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Our collaborations with The Juilliard School, MIT, and UNICEF enhance our students’ school experience, both in and beyond the classroom.

The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme develops our students’ problem-solving skills through real-world challenges that get them thinking outside the box.
The Juilliard School

Our collaboration with the world’s most renowned arts institution enriches our students’ love of dance, drama and music.

Students are challenged to make a difference both locally and internationally, working together to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Whether it’s slaloming through the Swiss Alps, debating environmental issues, or immersing themselves in world music, your child will discover their passion on our thriving extracurricular activity programme.
Performing arts
Our students’ natural creativity blossoms during extracurricular activities that extend across the performing arts. From an early age, we encourage every child to learn an instrument, sing, and dance. As they get older, your child will pursue their own emerging passions, and discover how to perform both individually and as a group. We also offer a range of dance groups, from classical and ballet to hip-hop.
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Sport is for everyone at CDL, and we ensure all our students experience the joys and growth that come with getting active. Activities range from the traditional, like badminton, basketball, football, netball, and tennis, to the unique, including acrobatic gymnastics, sailing, and skiing. We have a long tradition of sporting excellence, too, and our Panthers teams represent us with pride in Switzerland and beyond.
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A wide range of academic activities complement what our students learn in the classroom – and provide even greater scope to develop their skills. Your child can join French and German clubs – or our debate group – which will boost their cognitive development. We also run homework and exam preparation groups, as well as offering opportunities to become role models for peers.
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Creative and more
Connecting with friends, doing what they love, and trying new things, our students throw themselves into creative, STEAM, and wellbeing activities. Our younger children draw and paint, sculpt and carve, and experiment with robotics, while our Middle and High School students DJ, bake, and become leaders and entrepreneurs. Activities like yoga and dynamic relaxation and mindfulness boost confidence and resilience, reduce stress, and improve concentration.
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Ski club
Our Pre-school and Primary students slide, swerve and slalom, as they hit the slopes at our hugely popular ski club. Qualified instructors provide the expert guidance both beginner and intermediate learners need to hone their skills and build their confidence. 
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Immersive private lessons deepen our students’ knowledge, skills, and confidence in the arts, music, languages, and specialist subjects. Private tutors work closely with class teachers to set goals and overcome challenges in English, French, maths, science, and more. Your child can also learn from exceptional instrumentalists on our music programme, boost their health and wellbeing with a personal trainer, or pick up a new language outside of the curriculum, including Russian, Arabic, and Italian.


Your child will discover the world at CDL. Through life-changing cultural, sporting, and outreach trips, both near and far, our students become compassionate, open-minded global citizens.
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Global expeditions
Our children join Nord Anglia students from across the globe on exhilarating global expeditions.
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Global expeditions

Our incredible citizenship trip to Arusha in Tanzania teaches students about global responsibility and sustainability, and the important role we play in looking after our planet. Working with locals on a variety of projects, students develop a sense of independence, increase their understanding of the world, and learn the importance of being part of a community.

The annual Nord Anglia-UNICEF summit, which takes place in New York, US, sees CDL students join peers from across the world. Our students develop their leadership and advocacy skills, working with others to come up with creative solutions to global challenges. On their return, they use their knowledge and skills to influence our community, increasing social engagement and impact.

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Residential trips
A wide range of awe-inspiring local and international overnight trips bring learning to life for our students.
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Residential trips

We offer a multitude of overnight trips away from our campus, which add an exciting element to every child’s education.

In Primary, our children get active and have lots of fun on two-night residentials to Verbier and Champéry. Our Middle School students can join Nord Anglia students from across the globe at sports tournaments and STEAM festivals, as well as taking part in our camps programme. And in High School, we offer a variety of opportunities – from our French language trip to Paris, where students immerse themselves in Parisian culture, to team-building discovery trips.

Every year, a group of older students take part in workshops, seminars, and debates at a four-day Model United Nations conference in the Netherlands. This gives them the opportunity to learn about, debate, and propose solutions to key issues facing our planet.

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Local excursions
There’s so much to see and do around Geneva, from cultural trips to museums to adventures in the great outdoors.
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Local excursions

School trips are a vital part of our curriculum, enabling children of all ages to transfer learning into contexts beyond the classroom.

Our littlest learners head into the great outdoors on safe, secure, and fun sledging adventures in La Gravine. They also enjoy an early introduction to local and international culture at the Théâtre des Marionnettes and Enzo Mari Exhibition.

In Primary, our children hit the slopes every week for a term, developing their skiing skills and growing confidence. They also enjoy day trips that tie in with key class topics, including visits to the Chaplin Museum and Grottes de Cerdon.

Our Middle School students also make the most of our location on field trips to the Versoix River and cultural excursions to the FIBA Museum and Frida Kahlo exhibition. End of year trips, including to a local adventure park, are the perfect opportunity to have fun.

In High School, aspiring artists visit exhibitions in Geneva and Lausanne, while budding scientists enjoy a physics masterclass at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

understanding and changing the world

With so many opportunities for service and charity work, our students learn the value of – and achieve a real sense of personal fulfilment from – helping others.

Our pioneering REACH programme nurtures responsible, eco-friendly, active, creative, and healthy behaviours. Students also implement real change through our councils and committees, and take part in activities that benefit our community, developing a host of lifelong skills in the process.

Your child will learn about the challenges facing our planet – and take action to address them, too. They’ll do this through our exclusive collaboration with UNICEF, by raising money and awareness for charities like the Serenje Orphans Appeal in Zambia, and by joining Model United Nations and debate clubs.


your child's happiness comes first

We know children learn best when they feel safe and included, are happy and having fun. Our bespoke wellbeing and profile development programmes foster resilience and confidence, and enable every student to be the very best version of themselves. Our parents agree: 92% say their child is very happy at school.

From Pre-School, we teach mindfulness through exercises that help students to identify and manage their emotions. Innovative initiatives, like our Lunch Bunch and Happy Feet groups, ensure everyone is included and comfortable. We take great care of new students, too, making sure they’re welcomed and integrated, supported by our brilliant volunteer buddies. We also have a full-time pastoral team, including a counsellor and nurse, on campus.

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holiday camps


When school’s out, our camps begin! All year round, your child can try new things, finesse their skills, and have lots of fun with friends. These include Nano Camps for our youngest adventurers, Winter Camps, and unforgettable Summer Camps, where each child creates their own programme of amazing activities.
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Situated between the snow-capped peaks and sparkling lakes synonymous with Switzerland, our beautiful village campus is the perfect place to learn, discover, and grow.