Our comprehensive programme ensures that every aspect of our boarders’ wellbeing is looked after. This includes 24/7 medical care, a dedicated counsellor, healthy meals, and lots of activities.
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House Parents, their assistants and the boarding activity leaders are all attached to the students in their house. Every house is run by a houseparent. Every student in boarding is allocated a tutor. A personal tutor has two main functions:
  • They oversee academic and extracurricular progress for each student.
  • They are another “listening ear”, and can help them deal with problems or concerns.
  • Our House Parents are fully dedicated to our boarding students… not teaching at the same time.
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Our aim is to make sure that students are healthy and successful in school, so attending classes is the priority. However, there are inevitably times when students may need to rest when they are ill. The Health Centre is open Mondays to Fridays from 07:30 to 18:30. It is staffed by three qualified nurses, and the school doctor visits twice a week. Of course, if a student needs to see a doctor urgently, the local doctor’s offices are five minutes away.

The nurses arrange all the appointments including the physiotherapy, orthodontist and dentist appointments. All medical appointments are covered by the school insurance policy, but dental and orthodontal work will be billed to parents.

Being a student and having high expectations is not always easy, but we have a dedicated Boarding Counsellor who is available for students to speak to over the course of the week, to provide any additional support that is required.

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Our catering team cooks fresh food on campus every day for our students. We treat mealtimes not just as an opportunity to refuel bodies for a busy day, but as an opportunity to switch off from the internet, and to engage in a more mindful routine of conversation.

Meals are taken centrally in our Dining Room, and students must attend every meal. Vegetarian options are available and there is always a selection of hot and cold dishes. Specific dietary requirements can of course be catered for.

"One of the things I miss about CDL since I graduated is the amazing food! Clissia from Brazil"

On Tuesdays, we host an international dinner, which is prepared by outside chefs from local restaurants. This allows us to give our students an amazing and authentic culinary experience. In addition to this, on Thursdays we host an Italian evening, where students can choose to eat either freshly made pasta or they can book into our Pizzeria for a special treat.

In addition, all houses have their own kitchens which are used a lot by the students, and we encourage this as it is essential that students develop some autonomy in preparation for university. We even have a central herb garden, which students are welcome to use.

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A balanced lifestyle is central to what we value. Activities allow students to learn about teamwork, leadership, responsibility and discipline, while developing their passions. As such we offer over 80 activities after school during the week. At the weekend, there are a mixture of activities and trips to local museums and attractions.

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In addition to the academic reports each student receives during the year, we prepare a well being report for each student so that parents can follow their personal and social development.

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Boarding Handbook 2022-2023

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Parent Student Boarding Policies and Procedures

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Get a sense of what it’s like to live at Collège du Léman – and how your child will fit in to our warm, diverse boarding family – by booking a tour of our campus today.