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Join us at Collège du Léman on Thursday, 29th February, from 6 to 8 pm, and discover how small actions can spark meaningful change. Hear from passionate voices within our community and enjoy post-event networking with an aperitif. We warmly welcome CDL families and the wider community. 
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'CDL Talks: The Ripple Effect' brings to life the intriguing idea that even the smallest actions can have far-reaching impact. Featuring diverse speakers from our community, including students, alumni, and staff, we'll explore the influence of everyday choices on the environment, mental health, social dynamics, and more.

Join us:
29th February, 6-8 pm
Collège du Léman, Route de Sauverny 74, Versoix

Evening Schedule:

6-7 pm: A series of concise, impactful talks, each lasting less than 10 minutes, designed to inspire and provoke thought.

7-8 pm: An opportunity to connect with speakers and attendees alike over an aperitif in a relaxed setting.

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Introducing our Speakers

Passionate speakers from our vibrant community will share a wealth of diverse insights and perspectives for you to explore. Uncover the transformative power of simple daily choices, the critical role of creativity in childhood, the uplifting force of a single smile, the subtle strength small acts lend to mental resilience, and an alumnus' journey from vision to global impact. Expect to hear about:
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CDL Student, IB2
How small choices can impact our mental well-being

Magnus speaks on mental health from personal experience. He emphasises community support and self-care, reminding us that mental well-being is a collective journey.
CDL Talks-Feature Cards - CDL-LOPEZZoe
CDL Student, Grade 12
Inspiring climate change action through empathy

Grade 12 student Zoe is committed to making a difference through charity and environmental advocacy. Using art and storytelling, she aims to inspire action and foster meaningful conversations around pressing global issues.
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CDL Student, IB2

Navigating negative ripples in the digital age

Otabek advocates for open dialogue to challenge and understand societal norms. He believes in the power of diverse perspectives to foster understanding and bring about positive change in the community.

CDL Talks-Feature Cards - CDL-Victoria
CDL Student, IB2

Is it just a drop in the ocean or can I really make a difference?

Victoria, an IB2 student, has a strong interest in redefining fashion with a focus on sustainability. Her talk aims to empower others to see the impact individuals can have in creating a greener future for the fashion industry.

CDL Talks-Feature Cards - CDL-WILSONGordon
Gordon Wilson
Senior Boarding House Parent at CDL

A smile is infectious – Exploring the Ripple Effect of positivity

With over a decade at CDL, Gordon combines his expertise in health psychology and education to promote resilience and well-being among students, advocating for a balanced approach to learning and life.

CDL Talks-Feature Cards - CDL-Hannah Picasso
Hannah Picasso
Head of Performing Arts at CDL

The power of early creative experiences to inspire 21st-century skills

Hannah has been a passionate violinist since she was eight. At CDL, she's dedicated to unlocking students' creative potential, emphasising the transformative power of a comprehensive Performing Arts education.

CDL Talks-Feature Cards - CDL-OmarBawa
Omar Bawa
CDL Alumnus, Co-Founder & COO, Goodwall
Turning an idea into a successful company: The Goodwall journey of empowering global youth

As an entrepreneur, Omar drives change by providing global opportunities to over 2 million youths across 150+ countries. His work at Goodwall showcases his belief in technology's role in enhancing education and social impact for the next generation.
CDL Talks-Feature Cards - CDL-Kamila
Kamila Akhmedjanova
CDL Alumna, Oxford Scholar
Yesterday’s ripples shaping tomorrow: The significance of small steps in the educational process

Kamila, a highly accomplished Oxford scholar and researcher, blends historical studies with her passion for diverse cultures. Her research in linguistics and cultural studies is shaping academic discourse.
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Embark on an enriching evening with us and:
  • Be inspired: Recognise your own potential to inspire change.
  • Reflect: Get ideas to bring you family together, talking and acting on shared values.
  • Connect: Meet others dedicated to commitment making a difference.
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10:08 PM
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Route de Sauverny 74, CH-1290 Versoix, Geneva, Switzerland
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