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Tuition Fees

SCHEDULE OF FEES 2018 - 2019 

* The School reserves the right to amend the Schedule of Fees from time to time

Click here to download the Schedule of Fees for 2018-2019 Academic Year.


 A non-refundable Application Fee of 3,400,000 VND is payable upon submission of an Application Form to the school. This fee is to cover the administrative costs of each application.

Download Application Form


A non-refundable Registration Fee of 45,500,000VND is payable when the offer of a school place is accepted by parents. The Registration Fee is paid only once and guarantees the place for the student. The acceptance of a school place is not confirmed until the Registration Fee has been paid. The Registration Fee for the Foundation Stage is 22,750,000 VND. When a child moves from the Foundation Stage to the Primary school the difference in Registration Fee at the time of enrolment will be payable.


Parents are responsible for the payment of the applicable school fees before the student can attend school classes. This responsibility cannot be delegated to a company. All tuition fees are invoiced in VND and are payable in VND unless the payment originates outside of Vietnam, in which case a USD bank transfer at the prevailing bank exchange rate is acceptable.

Inclusive Fees

  • Tuition fee
  • EAL/VAL Tuition
  • Learning Materials
  • School Trips
  • Extra-curricular Programme ECAs*
  • Catering
  • Uniform
  • Medical
  • Examination Fees

Possible additional charges:

  • Individual music lessons
  • *Paid ECAs
  • Voluntary trips
  • School bus


A payment of 34,000,000 VND per child is required as a Security Deposit when the child joins the school. This deposit will be refunded when the child leaves the school provided 90 calendar days’ notice is given in writing to the school. If parents do not submit the Withdrawal Notification Form to the school 90 days before the student’s last school day then the school has no obligation to return the deposit.


Tuition Fees are payable in advance. Prior to the start of Term 1 parents can choose one of two payment plans.

Annual Tuition Fees

The Annual Tuition Fee is discounted by around 15% compared to the Term Tuition Fees. To secure this discount the Annual Tuition Fee must be paid in full before 21 August 2018.

Term Tuition Fees

Fees are paid per term in advance and are due no later than: Term 1: 20 August 2018 ;Term 2: 14 December 2018; Term 3: 12 April 2019

Late Payment of Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees remaining unpaid by 21 August 2018 will automatically have discounts removed. Additionally, the Tuition Fees remaining unpaid after the published due date will have a 1.5% penalty per month added to the outstanding balance by the 20th each month.

Non-Payment of Tuition Fees

In the event of non-payment of Tuition Fees, the school has the right to refuse to accept the student into the school and reserves the right to withhold the Security Deposit.


If a child is enrolled into the school after the start of Term 1, the Tuition Fees for the remainder of the school year have to be paid in advance according to the table below: 


A family discount is applicable on Tuition Fees for families with three or more children enrolled in the school. Please contact the Admissions Office for information.


If a child withdraws from the school during the academic year, the following refund policy will apply:
  • It is the parents’ responsibility to complete the school’s standard Withdrawal Notification Form and to submit it to the school at least 90 calendar days prior to the child’s last day at school. When the child leaves at the end of any term, the 90 day period shall be counted up to the last school day of that term only. This will ensure the refund policy is applied and school reports are issued .
  • The school will not refund any portion of Term Tuition Fees or Late Enrolment Fees.
  • The school will refund a percentage of the Annual Tuition Fee based on the date of the last day at school.

Download the Schedule of Fees