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BVIS Summer School 2016

18 December 2015

BVIS Summer School 2016

BVIS Summer School 2016

  • Strong focus on English literacy
  • Exceptional venues and facilities
  • Qualified, experienced teaching team
  • Academic programme for all age groups
  • Sport and nutrition embedded in the course
  • Exciting educational trips, events and activities
  • Building life skills like leadership and teamworking

About The Programme

The BVIS Summer School Programme has been structured around four aspects: Academic, Skills Development, English Literacy and Health Education & Sport. We have chosen a thematic approach to seamlessly blend the academic goals with skills development, giving your child fun and authentic contexts, through which to apply and enhance their existing knowledge, skills and understanding. The themes will provide an opportunity for your child to apply their learning from a broad range of curricular subjects. All themes and units of work have been designed to be stand-alone, with no expected prior knowledge.

Our Summer School will begin on 27th of June and run until  the 22nd of July.

The following programmes will be on offer: EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3 and Y10, and they all will run full day from 8:30 until 15:50.

English Literacy

Studies have shown that school summer holidays have a negative impact on student achievement, especially for additional language learners. Therefore in designing Literacy units for the Summer School Programme, we have carefully selected text types that are already part of the main curriculum at BVIS. What this means is that the younger students in the class will enter their next year group in August, with prior experience of key fiction and non-fiction genres. For the older students in the class, they will be able to consolidate their learning in those same text types, but in different contexts.

The main skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening will be a key part of the BVIS Summer School Curriculum. Your child’s writing skills will be assessed on entry to the programme and Literacy tasks will be differentiated to meet their individual needs. Literacy units have been designed to link with the summer school themes as well as to facilitate your child’s overall Literacy development.

Transferable Skills

Employers now expect candidates to offer more than a strong academic background; they also look for evidence of “employability skills” that make a person capable of securing and maintaining satisfactory work. The BVIS Summer School Programme is unique in that it is tailor-made to provide opportunities for your child to develop these key transferable skills that will be useful far beyond the reaches of the classroom.

We have divided these skills into five categories: Social, Communication, Thinking, Research and Self-management. The skills in each of these categories can be applied in many different school, university and life contexts. Students with outstanding thinking and research skills will be ready to become productive problem-solvers when they complete their degree and enter the job market. Students with excellent social, communication and self-management skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives. They enter the workplace able to work well in a team and are able to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and clients. The five skills categories are among the most desirable attributes sought by employers today.

In the BVIS Summer School Programme, these skills are taught progressively, taking account of the most age and developmentally appropriate goals for your child. For example, in EYFS the children begin with a simple social skills focus of ‘accepting responsibility’ (for behaviour and actions towards others) and for the older Year 9 and 10 students there will be a focus on developing leadership skills and adopting a variety of roles within a group.
Your child is entering a world that requires them to be organised, adaptable, analytical team players, who are able to communicate with a wide range of people from different locations and backgrounds. Therefore it is imperative that they start to learn these skills while they are still young and before they enter the workplace.

At BVIS, we have developed our Summer School Programme to include activities and projects that have been specifically chosen to enable your child to develop these key transferable skills. On leaving Summer School your child will be more experienced and able to apply their newly learned skills in the classroom.

Health Education and Sport

In the modern world it is important for children to be active every day. Physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health. Exercise is also known to relieve stress. Because exercise improves health, a fit child is more likely to be well-rested and mentally alert. In addition to the health benefits of sport and exercise, there are also significant social benefits. Children who are good at sport have high self-esteem and self-worth. They are confident and popular as well good at team work.

At BVIS we recognise the importance of nurturing happy, healthy and active young people, which is why Health Education and Sport are a significant part of the Summer School programme. Your child will receive a higher allocation of swimming and PE lessons at Summer School than they would throughout the year and they will also spend class time learning how to stay happy, healthy and fit.

Educational Trips

Trips are an exciting and interesting way to take learning out of the classroom and into real-life contexts. Each summer school class will attend at least one school trip that will be linked to one of the four areas of the curriculum. Your child will complete activities, either before, during or after the trip that will link with their work at Summer School.

End of Summer School Event

During the last week of Summer School you will be invited to attend a special event to celebrate the learning that has taken place over the five week programme. This event will be planned, organised and run by the students and each class will have an opportunity to showcase their learning to you and to the other Summer School students. In addition, your child will have a portfolio of work to bring home as a record of all their hard work and achievements.

The Themes

The themes for the BVIS Summer School have been designed to provide a strong enquiry-based focus for each stage which enables your child to develop their knowledge and understanding of themselves and their place in the world.
The academic content of each theme will incorporate elements of Geography, History, Science, Art, Music, Drama and Design Technology with a strong focus on developing Literacy skills that are appropriate for the context and expected outcome of each theme. The themes are linked to units of work that will be covered over the next two years of your child’s schooling, giving them a head start with developing relevant subject knowledge, skills and understanding.

In addition (depending on age), your child will be taught Information Literacy skills; the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively, and from Key Stage 2 onwards, Study Skills; the skills your child will need to enable them to study and learn efficiently.

Information Literacy and Study Skills teaching are some of the many unique aspects of the BVIS Summer School Programme. Your child will leave Summer School with a variety of strategies and a much better understanding of how to be an independent learner than they had before.

The Primary Themes (Y1 – 6)

  • EYFS: Exploring our environment: The world around us
  • Y1-2: Relationships : Me, myself and I
  • Y3-4: Where we are and where we go: Home and away
  • Y5-6: Ourselves and our environment: Humans versus nature

The Secondary Themes (Y7 – 10)

  • Y7 – 8: Identities: My place in the world
  • Y9 – 10: Ambitions and Aspirations: My footprint on the world

Summer Schoool Fee

BVIS Summer School 2016

The Summer School 2016 programme has been developed by an experienced curriculum development expert Ms Julie Terry

Julie Terry is a highly experienced teacher and coordinator who has been in the education sector for twelve years. In 2001 she completed a Masters degree in Classical Studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and two years later went on to study her Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Education at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

Julie started her teaching career in Scotland but has spent the past nine years working in a variety of International and Language Schools in Taiwan, Egypt and Vietnam. She has taught across the Primary age range from Early Years to Year 6 and has also tutored Secondary students. Most of her experience and expertise is with additional language learners, teaching a variety of different curriculums and adapting each to the geographical and cultural context. Julie has taught the Scottish Curriculum, the English National Curriculum, The Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP), the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and a range of British and American Nursery/Kindergarten programmes.

Julie has worked at BVIS since the school opened in 2011 and has been part of the Senior Leadership Team through her role as KS2 Coordinator. She has been involved in the development of curriculum, policies and assessment and in staff development and training. In addition, she has been responsible for a number of whole-school initiatives, most recently leading the review and development of the Lien Ket curriculum in Years 1 to 6.

Julie’s broad experience has enabled her to tailor-make the BVIS Summer School Curriculum to meet the needs of existing and future BVIS students.

BVIS Summer School 2016

BVIS Summer School 2016